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Our Average Article Bias

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At the Bipartisan Press, we want to promote clear, transparent journalism.  In an era where news and media sources have so much influence, it is essential that media sites present all the facts and don’t mislead their audience.

The Bipartisan Press was created to go past the biases and instead focus on letting readers make their own opinions.  ipartisan means a collaboration between two sides (usually parties).  We believe in publishing different opinions from people who have different views, and not having a left-leaning press team or vice versa.

Through these opinions, we hope to give people an idea of what others think while noting that they may be biased, so readers can make their own opinion on an issue.

Our Stance On Bias

Many, if not all, our stories and opinions are biased.  That’s because they were written by humans with an subjective opinions.

Unfortunately, due to bias in the media, media distrust is going up. Political bias in itself is acceptable, if not inevitable in human created content. What we see is the problem is the lack of disclosure of bias, resulting in people seeing the media as trying to be something they are not: unbiased.

As an oped from The Guardian puts it, “One reason conservatives hate the “mainstream media” is that it pretends to be something it isn’t. Conservatives think the press has a “liberal” bias; I tend to agree with Herman and Chomsky that it would be better described as a “corporate” bias reflecting the elitist centrism that has come to dominate the Democratic party. But few at MSNBC or CNN would admit that they’re partisan networks”