The BP Rating

We implement a rating system for articles published on our website.  This rating system shows info on the article and some of our views about the topic.  However, we strongly recommend you to make your own opinions about a topic, regardless of what we say.


Part of our mission is providing you with transparent, bipartisan stories.  By clearly stating our bias for each article, we hope to be more transparent and allow you to be aware that an article may be biased towards another side.

However, just because an article is biased doesn’t mean it’s not believable.  While more-biased articles may leave out some facts or contain strong opinions, they simply represent the author’s point of view.  These articles will still contain real, scientifically proven facts.

Articles in the gray area of the meter either contain almost only fact supported claims or show both sides of the argument.

Author Political Spectrum

This graph shows an author’s personal point of view, but not necessarily the bias of an article.  We have our authors take the ISideWith test so we can accurately disclose what point of view they are writing from.

Once again, it’s important to keep in mind that while an author might be strongly liberal or conservative, the story itself might not be.  Furthermore, realize that there is no such thing as unbiased.  Everyone has their opinion or things that they feel are morally right/wrong.

TL;DR – Just read the article.

An explanation for the rating is available on each article.