The BP Rating

The Bipartisan Press rating and bias disclosure system is our unique way of identifying and disclosing the bias of each of our articles and authors.


The bias of an article is the side (left or right) that an article is written or slanted to support and the degree of the slant.

Our stance on bias is that its an inevitable part of any article. However, by disclosing the bias of each of our articles, we hope to state upfront that we aren’t claiming to be non-partisan or unbiased.

To reduce the impact of human subjectivity when rating article biases, we implement a custom artificial intelligence-based political bias classifier to rate the bias of our articles. You can read more about this here.

Author Political Spectrum

This graph shows an author’s personal point of view, but not necessarily the bias of an article. We have our authors take the ISideWith test so we can accurately disclose what political stance they usually side with.

It’s important to keep in mind that while an author might be strongly liberal or conservative, the story itself might not be.

“X Article is Biased Against X”

It very well could be. We call ourselves The Bipartisan Press because we try to be bipartisan as a whole. That doesn’t mean every single piece we published is bipartisan. Some of our articles are left-biased, some are right, and some are biased for or against a certain person. However, we are “bipartisan” because we publish a variety of different viewpoints, and sometimes even two sides of the same issues.