The Rockiest Democratic Presidential Launch Yet

By Janet Ybarra

On what was to be his big day, Bill deBlasio suffered one ignominy after another.

Do Political Quizzes Define You?

By Mike Kauffmann

I checked out eight popular quizzes. They were all biased. After all, they’re written by humans and all humans are biased.

A Divided Nation Over Abortion

By Winston Wang

In a recent interview on Fox News, Presidential Hopeful Bernie Sanders said, “I believe that the decision over abortion belongs to a woman and her physician, not the federal government, not the state government.”

Conservatives Angry at Liberal Internet Bias: Time To Bring Back the Fairness Doctrine?

By Janet Ybarra

If Republicans were sincere, they would help re-establish the Fairness Doctrine.

OPINION: The Top Three 2020 Candidates

By Isiason Brown

Isiason Brown talks about his top three picks to win the Democratic Presidential Race and why he thinks they have a chance.

The First Amendment, Georgia-Style

By Tony Panaccio

Here’s a club that six Georgia Republicans want the state to join.

Is it Ever Okay for Politicians to Swear?

By Winston Wang

Are politicians allowed to drop swear words when they speak, ever?

The Weapon Used to Wage War on Americans

By Jack Menendez

What if there was a device, kind of like a big flashlight, that you could shine on people, bathing them in its radiation, making them stop in their tracks, open up their minds, and hang on your every word?

Debunking The Meme: Pete Buttigieg

By Tony Panaccio

Ezra Klein and Nate Silver are two of the smartest politicos in the business, and despite some big miscalculations in the past, they don’t get much wrong.

The Uphill Battle to Reform U.S. Health Care

By Jack Menendez

The private medical industry is serving a market that does not behave with normal elasticity.