No, Andrew Yang, Don’t Give Everyone Free Money

By Almal Abhay

Andrew Yang dubbed a “random, opinionated person” by the Washington Post, has made waves on both sides of the political aisle with his 2020 presidential campaign.

It’s Not Only Liberals Who Loathe Donald Trump

By Mark Bo Hendricks

You don't have to be a liberal to loathe Trump. You just have to be a thinking person.

Biden’s Pivot to Foreign Policy

By Alex Denethorn

Let’s be honest: this is one area that Biden can excel in, because he has considerably more experience than most of the other Democratic candidates.

The Oil Industry In An Electric Future

By Bruce McIntyre

The adoption of electric vehicles will have consequences

No, Trump Can’t Add Citizenship Question With Executive Order

By Alex Denethorn

Someone might want to let Trump know that the resources of the federal government don’t exist to keep him in office.

Why Do Liberals Hate The United States?

By Chris O'Leary

Liberals love America a different way, and in my opinion, a more brutally honest way.

California Statute To Trade Trump’s Tax Release For Ballot Access Is Clearly Unconstitutional

By Brad Smith

California's clear attempt to force Trump to release his tax returns won't pass Supreme Court precedent.

If Obama Had Authority To Initiate DACA, Trump Has Authority To Rescind It

By Anthony Zarrella

The whole idea behind executive orders is that they rely on the authority of the president who signs them—but one president cannot enlarge or diminish the powers and authority of the next president.

Could a Withering Away Explain Decline of The West? It’s Not Too Late

By Gavin Kanowitz

What is needed is a broad movement centered on the engine of the middle class that cuts across ossified party/cultural and race lines and places at its core the Western values of free speech, rule of law, rationalism, an emphasis on shared values, earned respect, and self-sufficiency.

Corn Subsidies Fuel Animal Mistreatment, Factory Farming

By Scott Strough

The main reason for the abusive factory farming system is the over use of government subsidies and its related regulatory burden.