The Real Reason Behind Russia’s Struggling Economy

By Eliyahu Setton

And no, it's not Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, or the Communist Party.

An Age Limit on the Presidency?

By Janet Ybarra

Carter, who today is 95, came out to say that even 80 years old is too old to be up for the all of what job of president demands.

We Need to Get Rid of the Useless Penny

By Winston Wang

Pennies cause more even more trouble than they are worth — quite literally.

Brett Kavanaugh Has No Business Serving on the Supreme Court

By Janet Ybarra

If now we cannot have faith in that investigation which was supposed to have cleared him, perhaps now we can no longer have faith in Kavanaugh's service on that high court.

Lying About His Statements, Donald Trump Seems To Think He Leads North Korea

By Janet Ybarra

Trump appears to be confused with his dear friend, the autocratic Kim Jong Un. This isn't North Korea. Trump can't say something--anything--especially on tape and think he can pretend he never said it.

September Democratic Presidential Debate Recap

By Allison Hellman

Another month gone, another Democratic debate to usher in the fall season.

Defeat Judicial Appointment for Steven Menashi (and All Those Like It)

By Janet Ybarra

Every once in a while, a Trump judicial nominee comes forward who is even more noticeably worse than the rest. Steven Menashi is one of those.

We Have Met Our Greatest Security Threat, and It Is Us

By Janet Ybarra

As we stop to remember the solemn events of September 11, 2001, perhaps we can recall nothing more important than the great spirit of togetherness and national unity that the terrible terrorist attacks of that day engendered across the nation.

The Brexit Will Tear the United Kingdom Apart

By Thomas Brown

I confess that, while I was never really on board with Brexit, the breathless warnings from the pro-EU camp were enough to push me into the pro-Brexit side.

Winning 2020 Will Be Harder Than Trump Thinks

By Janet Ybarra

Donald Trump will have to deal with a very unique challenge which other incumbent presidents have not had to face, at least in modern times, as he seeks a second term. And that's before he faces a single Democrat....