Opinion: Could CO2 Not Be The Cause of Global Warming?

A scientific refutation of CO2 and global warming featuring John Wilder

Opinion: Could CO2 Not Be The Cause of Global Warming?

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Our Verdict:
While more actual research is required to prove whether CO2 cause global warming, we can all agree it does exist and things need to change now.

First of all, we are seeing a modern day resurrection of the old discredited YELLOW DOG JOURNALISM.  Journalists are no longer reporting the news telling both sides of the story accurately and fairly.  They are editorializing the news, ESPECIALLY ON GLOBAL WARMING CLAIMS, CALLING PEOPLE WHO DISPUTE IT DENIERS!  This is a racist comment obliquely suggesting that we are denying the Holocaust as well as Global Warming.  This is an example of the old STRAW MAN ARGUMENT, completely mischaracterizing a person’s position and then arguing against that position. One has absolutely nothing to do with the other.  There used to be a statement in the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics that stated: “We will tell both sides of the story accurately and fairly”.  That statement has been gone from their canon of ethics for several years now. An article in Editor and Publisher, the trade journal for the Newspaper industry, had an article about 12 years ago by the name of Steve Outing who said: “Let’s just declare the science settled on warming and stop bothering to include both sides.”  Most newspapers picked up on that and have abandoned balance.

As an example of the Environmental Fraud, I call your attention to a new environmentalist commercial touted by Al Gore entitled:  Black Balloons,  and can be found by going to this link:   http://www.climateprotect.org/ah12. This commercial claims through TV animation, black balloons being filled up at different household appliances and the voice-over by Tommie Lee Jones that the balloons represent 2 ounces of carbon dioxide.  Those balloons then pop free from the appliance and float out of the window and up into the air joining thousands of other black balloons floating up into the sky. It is slickly done and a good visual commercial.  However, the commercial is an absolute fraud. Those balloons were filled with a lighter-than-air gas of helium. Carbon dioxide is a heavier-than-air gas, with a specific gravity of 1.52, which means that it is 152 percent heavier than air. Those balloons would have immediately sunk to the ground is filled with CO2. This is part of the fatal flaw of the global warming theory.  It is a theory based on flawed computer modeling rather than sound science and the Scientific Method.

factory smoke

Smoke and Carbon Dioxide is portrayed as lighter than air – but is it?

Carbon dioxide sinks to the ground rather than rising into the atmosphere when released. In fact, scientists tell us that they measure 380 parts per million in the atmosphere; 380 parts per million is actually a fractional equivalent of 38/100,000ths of 1 percent.  We have the news claiming that the majority of scientists agree on human-caused global warming.  For example, The Union of Concerned Scientists, which is predominantly made up of activists rather than scientists, claims 1,600 member scientists.  Correspondingly, The Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine has over 17,000 certified signatures of scientists, climatologists, and meteorologists who dissent. We have had several member scientists and professional reviewers claiming scientific fraud on the part of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. We have other member scientists who claim that it is not peer-reviewed and that there are only 300 comments listed, while others who dissent are rejected without explanation. We have had other scientists, including a piece in the Wall Street Journal, been bullied and threatened with pulling of scientific credentials or research grants if they didn’t sign on to the environmentalist cabal.

The Scientific Method is being rejected out of hand and instead, the environmentalists are claiming “consensus.” Scientists from around the world are coming out with multiple major flaws and errors in Gore’s schlocumentary. He tried to donate his leftover DVD’s to the British school system and a judge blocked it for multiple scientific errors. Finally, we are told that the Greenland Ice Sheet is melting precipitously. In fact, it has gained 268 feet of ice since 1944. Just Google a 2-word phrase to disprove this: “glacier girl”

Here is the truth about the 1-degree world-wide increase in temps.  Google the invention of the asphalt shingle.  It will tell you that it was a 100 years ago coincidentally the same time that we started having warming.  Let me explain.  Prior to the invention of the asphalt shingle, we had wood shake shingles. They were expensive because they were hand split one at a time.  Asphalt shingles were way cheaper and went into full-scale world-wide distribution.  But the wood shingles did not reflect heat back into the air because they were an insulator.  Asphalt shingles, however, get super-heated on a 100-degree day the temps coming off of an asphalt shingled roof are from 140-170 degrees.  I am surprised that it is only a 1-degree rise. In addition, we have 5,000 jets in our airspace 24/7 spewing exhaust temps of 1,800 degrees.

It is impossible for CO2 to be a “greenhouse gas” even if it did float up into the atmosphere.  Let’s look at what it takes to retard thermal transfer that the scientists say is happening.  Well, the best model of that is thermal pane windows.  Now a thermal pane window is a window frame with either 2 or 3 panes of glass and dead air space between the panes.  That dead air space has to be filled with a Minimum of 80% inert heavier-than-air gasses of either Argon or Krypton.  Now the 38/100,000ths of 1% of CO2 in the air is NOWHERE NEAR 80% TO RETARD THERMAL TRANSFER!

Also, Google the practice of greenhouse owners flooding their greenhouses with 1,300 PPM of CO2 to dramatically increase their plant yield.  It is not only not a pollutant, but a plant and tree fertilizer, and without it, we would all be dead.  The reality is that the CO2 is sucked up by the plants and trees faster than we can release it in standard photosynthesis.  We don’t want to decrease the CO2, because if we did we would decrease the amount of O2 in the air by the same amount according to Newton’s Third Law of Physics stating:  For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

A number of years ago, they outlawed Freon because it was supposedly eating a hole in the ozone.  What they did not tell you was the so-called holes were only at the poles. The poles are where the Earth spins on its axis.  When you have something rapidly spinning it creates a vortex effect, sort of like a tornado. Now how is it possible for Freon being released in temperate zones where it is hot and the Freon molecules somehow developed these magical magnetic properties that caused them to race to the poles and then magically jump into the troposphere where the ozone thinning not holes were and only eat ozone there?  Now Freon is also heavier than air gas and furthermore, it is an inert gas. The specific gravity of Freon is 1.49 or in other words, it is 149% heavier than air and can’t rise into the atmosphere. Even further, they outlawed Freon in 1989 and it made no difference in the so-called hole in the ozone because again it did not travel to the poles and leap up into the Troposphere.

They keep screaming that the “science is settled”.  The only way that the science can be settled in LEGITIMATE SCIENCE is the “Scientific Method,” which states that first, you come up with a theory.  Then you devise a scientific theory that proves your theory beyond any doubt. It has to have the same results from any scientist anywhere in the world conducting the same experiment for the science to be settled.  In spite of BILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF GOVERNMENT FUNDED RESEARCH, THERE ARE ZERO EXPERIMENTS PROVING CO2 CAUSED GLOBAL WARMING.

Another hoax being perpetrated on the American public is that the polar bears are going to go extinct because of global warming melting all the icebergs; This is where adult seals hide their pups and the polar bear’s main diet is baby seals. Well think about it, if all the icebergs melted, do you really think that the seals will stop mating?  No, they will continue to mate and they will just have to have their pups on land. Now there is no seal that can stand up to a polar bear, so now, instead of having to work for their seals, they will have a veritable smorgasbord of baby seals to gorge on.  It is common knowledge by biologists that predators have more or less young depending upon the availability of prey animals. So instead of the polar bear having just one pup or two, they will likely have 3 pups. Now the average temp at the poles is 55 below zero.  For any melting to take place, it would have to get up to 40 above zero. That would mean that the temp would have to increase by a whopping 95 degrees hotter than it has been and we would all be dead but again, that is scientifically impossible. They also talk about polar bears drowning as the result of the icebergs melting.  Look up polar bears and any reference will tell you that.

polar bear

They are a marine mammal and they are capable of swimming over 60 miles nonstop at 6 mph, twice as fast as a human can swim

Another huge hoax was perpetrated by the Associated Press, when they made the outrageous claim that we were going to have a MASSIVE SALTWATER FISH KILL FROM ALL THE FRESH WATER FROM THE MELTING ICEBERGS polluting the saltwater environment.  I surveyed the largest rivers in the world. They are the Amazon, Nile and the Mississippi River. Now, most people in our country don’t know about the Amazon and the Nile rivers but they do know about the Mississippi River.  I checked the flow rate of the Mississippi and it is a whopping 4 million gallons per second. There will NEVER BE ANY MELTING ICEBERGS THAT WILL EQUAL 4 MILLION GALLONS PER SECOND! Even more proof is the Diffusion Principle which states when a liquid or gas of greater concentration is released into a liquid or gas of lesser concentration, the liquid or gas will diffuse equally throughout the medium.  

When you were a kid and you peed in the public swimming pool, you thought that you were the only kid who peed in the pool.  We all did. But since the amount pee relative to the total volume of the pool it made it not noticeable, you kept swimming in the pool that you just peed in and never noticed a difference.  Now the world is made up of 75% ocean and only 25% of land. A little fresh water is not going to contaminate the salt water. In fact, all of our fresh water comes from the ocean in what is known as the HYDROLOGIC CYCLE. Basically, this consists of the sun warming the ocean’s surface and evaporating salt water and in the process desalinizing it.  It then rises into the atmosphere and forms clouds which eventually turns into rain and rains on the land. The water runs off the land and into the river and the rivers run back into the ocean in constant motion. We will never run out of fresh water as long as we have the ocean.

By the way, the glacier girl previously mentioned was about a group of veterans returning to Greenland to find and restore a P-38 Lightning fighter from WWII.  This is because there were only 3 left in flying condition in the world, and the expedition and recovery of the plane was internationally televised by National Geographic and is not debatable.  Here is the deal. The plane was a mile away from where it landed because glaciers are constantly moving. They move slowly, but they move. Al Gore, in his schlocuentary, called an “Inconvenient Truth” said that ice sheet was melting away at a precipitous rate.  He showed huge icebergs break off and fall into the ocean. But what you did not see was a lot of water running into the sea from the melting because THERE WAS NO MELTING. ICEBERGS DON’T FALL INTO THE SEA BECAUSE THEY ARE MELTING, IT IS BECAUSE ONCE THE ICE GETS PAST THE SUPPORTING LAND MASS IT CAN NO LONGER MAINTAIN STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY.  I checked with the ministry of the Interior in Greenland and was informed that they have been calving icebergs for centuries, and every year they calve 10,000 to 15,000 icebergs.

Another huge hoax is they are guilty of is claiming the bleaching of the Australian barrier reef is due CO2 being dissolved in salt water.  CO2 is a gas and is not soluble in water. You can only force it into suspension in a soft drink, and once that soft drink is opened all of the CO2 escapes from the drink in about a half hour.

By: John Wilder, Freelance Investigative Journalist, marriagecoach1.com

This piece has been edited for formatting and accuracy.