2022 and Beyond for The Bipartisan Press

2022 and Beyond for The Bipartisan Press


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Welton Wang
Managing Editor
Contributor on The Bipartisan Press

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Last year, we officially launched our Political Bias API, the first and arguably only widely-available solution for measuring political bias automatically as a textual level.

Since then, we’ve made significant improvements that build upon our previous work. working with researchers from multiple institutions, commercial partners, independent developers and more to improve and apply our institution.

At the same time, we have gradually winded down out content and publications. As an organization, we were founded four years ago to provide bipartisan perspectives on prominent news issues. More importantly though, we were founded to help mitigate the increasingly polarized political climate in the United States.

After evaluation of our mission and goals, we believe the best path forward is to focus on our bias-analysis offerings, and invest in creating ways to read and digest news more fairly and transparently. Therefore, we will no longer be publishing new content. Past content will remain on our site for archival purposes.

We’d like to thank the millions of people who read, supported, and even published content in our publication. We’re excited at what the future brings, and hope you stay onboard for the ride.

If you’re a research, student, developer, news organization, media watchdog interested in accessing our free API or just interested in building a more transparency media landscape, please shoot us an email at welton@thebipartisanpress.com. We’d like to work with you!

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