Rep. Krishnamoorthi on Mueller Testimony: A Lot More People Have Watched the Movie ‘The Godfather’ than Read the Book

Having former special counsel Robert Mueller testify to Congress Wednesday […]

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Janet Ybarra
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Having former special counsel Robert Mueller testify to Congress Wednesday after having already submitted a written report is a bit like how a novel often attracts a wider audience as a movie than as a book, according to a House Democrat.

Mueller is scheduled to respond to a congressional subpoena by appearing in person before two House committees. His testimony is to be televised.

Mueller is scheduled to appear before the House Judiciary Committee, where he is expected to discuss the obstruction of justice aspects of his investigation.

He also is expected to appear before the House Intelligence Committee, where his expected subject will be the Russian connection parts of his probe.

Mueller filed a report with the Justice Department about the investigation in March. Attorney General William “Bill” Barr has released only a redacted version of that report, however.

“I don’t think [Mueller] reading [from] the report would necessarily be very edifying or educational, but telling us what are the key findings and why they matter would be extremely important,” said Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi (D-Ill.). “I think the vast majority of the audience likely will not have read the report. I have, probably you have and I’ve been cramming for a final exam, so to speak, rereading sections, but I think most viewers are probably going to be digesting the report just by watching his testimony.

“It will be kind of like, a lot more people have watched the movie Godfather than read the book, and I think that’s certainly how people are going to approach this telecast,” Krishnamoorthi added.