Republican Ridge: ‘It’s Beyond Aggravating and Angers Me’ that Trump Continues to Sow Doubt About Mail-in Voting

Republican Ridge: ‘It’s Beyond Aggravating and Angers Me’ that Trump Continues to Sow Doubt About Mail-in Voting


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Janet Ybarra
Former Washington Journalist
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Republican Tom Ridge, who served as the very first secretary of homeland security during the George W Bush administration, has publicly complained that Donald Trump continues to cast doubt on mail-in voting.

State officials across the country have been focusing on having Americans vote by mail due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, but Trump and many of his Republican allies have been baselessly criticizing that approach.

Trump’s attacks against mail-in voting has led to intentional trouble to slow down the US Postal Service and the removal of public mail boxes across the country.

“It’s beyond aggravating and angers me. The fact of the matter is the president of the United States, using his bully pulpit, in the face of historical evidence to the contrary, in the face of the election officials, Republicans and Democrats, who, frankly, are guardians of democracy at the local level, that will push against this,” said Ridge, who served as a governor of Pennsylvania before joining the Bush administration. “I simply say to you and everybody watching and everybody in the world of journalism and political leaders writ-large, it is absurd. It is a fraud. It is a falsehood. It is a lie. There is absolutely nothing in the history of elections that says there will be massive fraud that he’s talking about.

“And I would say to the president, look to The Heritage Foundation, a conservative group, that did a data analysis of elections for the past 40 years and will tell you, it’s an imperfect system but of out of nearly 700 million votes, a couple of hundred votes and allegations led to criminal prosecution,” he added.

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