Senator on Evidence Coronavirus Came from a Lab in China: I Want To See It

Senator on Evidence Coronavirus Came from a Lab in China: I Want To See It


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Janet Ybarra
Former Washington Journalist
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While Secretary of State Mike Pompeo insists that there is evidence to support the discredited theory that the novel coronavirus actually originated in a biolab in Wuhan, China, a key senator is demanding to see that evidence.

Although the prevailing theory is that the virus’s origins are zoonotic in that it jumped from an animal to humans, those on the right insist that the virus was man-made and released from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Officials from the Wuhan lab said that the virus has not come from there.

There have been more than 3.6 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 worldwide. The virus has killed more than 250,000. 

In the United States, there have been nearly 1.2 million reported cases of COVID-19, including 68,279 deaths.

“I think what we should believe is what the intelligence community is telling us, and I haven’t seen any recent intelligence on this in the last month or so,” Sen Angus King (I-Me.) said. “So, you know, if the president and the secretary of state have intelligence on this, then as a member of the [Senate] Intelligence Committee, I want to see it. I’m entitled to see classified material. There are no limits on that kind of material being shared with the intelligence committees of the Congress.

“So it bothers me that for the president and the secretary of state to assert in such certainty, in fact, I think the president said a high degree of certainty without at least sharing with the intelligence committee on a closed classified basis what the basis of that is,” King said. “And like I say, I haven’t seen it, I can’t contradict it except I’m damn sure going to try to see it over the next week or so. And if we can’t get it, then that raises serious questions about the basis of those assertions.”

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    Jeffrey Samuels July 13, 2020

    good luck with that. He probably heard it from Tucker Carlson