Don’t Do It, Mike: Hillary As VP Is a Lousy Idea

Don’t Do It, Mike: Hillary As VP Is a Lousy Idea


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Janet Ybarra
Former Washington Journalist
Contributor on The Bipartisan Press

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If there’s any truth to the reports that former New York mayor Mike Bloomberg is considering 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton as his running mate this year in his own quest for the presidency, I can only say: Put an end to this train of thought now.

No good can come from it.

Bloomberg would be wise to choose a woman, just not Clinton.

The billionaire would be wise to pick a running mate who is perhaps female, but certainly younger and more progressive than he in order to balance the ticket.

But Hillary?

Trump became president four years ago because Hillary Clinton is the only living American politician about as disliked as he is.

So except for gender, Hillary in no way balances the ticket. And because she is so disliked, she might repel voters–even in the vice presidential slot.

Bloomberg would score more points with voters today if he were to select Elizabeth Warren. Or Pete Buttigieg. He’s not female, but at 38, his youth certainly balances Bloomberg’s age at 78. Also, as a veteran of military service in Afghanistan, Buttigieg would bring that military background with him to the White House.

Even, frankly, he would do better to choose erstwhile presidential candidate and senator from New Jersey, Cory Booker.

An African American himself, Booker would potentially help Bloomberg with minority voters, and Booker talks the progressive talk while fundamentally sharing a similar support of capitalists that hizzoner does.

But Hillary?

Her time has come and gone.

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