Our Staff


Julian Connor 

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Many people rely on media companies to make opinions for them.  They will blindly choose a side based on what CNN, Fox News, or even our President tells them.  However, in a country built upon its people, it important for people to make individual decisions and receive all the facts.

This is why I started The Bipartisan Press.  As a marketing expert, I have used many different tactics to get people to do certain things.  Many outlets also use similar tactics to promote their agenda.  I hope to change that.

The idea of new is to inform people of what happens, not to spread rumors or opinions.  It is also important, though, that people see what others think.  I hope The Bipartisan Press can provide you that.

Managing Editor

Winston Wang 

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I am democratic.  Personally, I think that Trump is absolutely ridiculous, spends too much time tweeting, and that most, if not all, his so-called “campaign promises” are just publicity stunts.  Building a wall will be very ineffective and will only be a total waste of money and weaken our relationship with Mexico.  But that’s just me.

As a journalist, I try to consider both sides of a point. While Trump is frequently shamed by the media, he has accomplished most of what he promised, though it is debatable whether that really good or not.

Senior Contributing Editor

Janet Ybarra

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Janet has had a long career in journalism, covering at various points entertainment, science and technology and politics. She spent 20 years covering Capitol Hill, the federal agencies and the White House.

She even spent brief periods working for the federal government.

Although she has her personal political beliefs, Janet’s of an age to remember when people in Washington were able to work on a bipartisan basis, even when they, too, had strongly held political beliefs.