An Age Limit on the Presidency?

An Age Limit on the Presidency?


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Janet Ybarra
Former Washington Journalist
Contributor on The Bipartisan Press

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Ronald Reagan famously used a joke during a presidential debate to put to bed the issue of being “too old” to serve as president.

But that was 1984, and Reagan served his second term in his mid ’70s.

Today we have two candidates running for president–Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders–who are in their late ’70s and if either were elected president, would be serving into his ’80s.

Is that too old?

Former president Jimmy Carter thinks so.

Carter, who now is 95, came out to say that even 80 years old is too old to be up for the all of what the job of president of the United States demands.

And Carter, who served in the White House from 1977-1981, would know. Which means we as citizens should probably take his warning seriously.

Now as he made his remarks, Carter was smiling and laughing, which means surely he wasn’t proposing some new strict constitutional amendment limiting presidential service.

He simply was offering some wise counsel. It’s up to us to take heed.

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