Biden Supporters in Trump 2016 Stronghold of Gettysburg, Pa. Explain Their Vote

Biden Supporters in Trump 2016 Stronghold of Gettysburg, Pa. Explain Their Vote


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Just the News caught up recently with voters in Gettysburg, Pa. in Adams County, which President Trump won overwhelmingly in 2016. Most of those interviewed revealed that they are voting for former vice president Joe Biden.

“He’s stable,” Michelle said during an interview at the Adams County election office on Tuesday after dropping off her absentee ballot. “He cares. He’s logical. He’s reasonable. He listens to his experts. He would appoint suitable cabinet members.”

Another Biden voter, Andrew, said that the country “needs a little bit more stability.”

Addressing the recent news about Hunter Biden’s overseas business deals during his father’s vice presidency, he said: “I’m voting for Joe Biden. I’m not voting for Hunter Biden.”

Donald, who is supporting Trump, urged Pennsylvania voters to cast their ballots based on the issues and not the personalities of the candidates.

“I am not voting for the man,” he said. “I’m voting for the issues. The Constitution. First Amendment, Second Amendment. I’m a Catholic, and I believe in it. I’m against abortion. And I don’t want Biden to close the churches.”

Keri, who moved to Pennsylvania from Maryland, said she voted for Biden on Tuesday because of “women’s rights, gay equality” and the Supreme Court vacancy.

Cindy said another term for Trump would divide the country.

“The issue that influenced me most to vote for Biden this year, was the state of divisiveness in our country that I think is just destroying our country,” she said after dropping off her completed absentee ballot. “And I think that four more years of Trump would just make four more years of a deep divide. And I’d like to see that turned around.”

Richard told Just the News that he voted early for Trump.

“Trump, because if Biden takes over, it’s the end of democracy as we know it,” he said, adding that he thinks the Democratic Party has gone too far left. “They’re no longer the Democratic Party. They’re a terrorist organization.”

Edny told Just the News that he is undecided in the presidential race. He identified health care for the elderly and for young people during the pandemic as the most important issue.

“I haven’t really decided who I want to vote for yet because I’ve been reading about some of the stuff that’s been going on, but I’m not entirely sure who I’m going to go for,” he said. “But as of right now, I can tell you, I’m probably going to go for Biden for the most part, but I need more resources to solidify that.”

Larry said he switched from supporting Trump in 2016 to voting early for Biden in 2020.

“I decided to go with what I thought was going to be a businessman, but he acts like a little kid,” he said. “So we’ll go for the mature person.”

Sandy said she voted for Biden, but he was not her first choice as the Democratic nominee.

“I do like him,” she said. “He wouldn’t be my first choice though. So I probably would have liked someone more progressive.”

Bob, a registered Republican, said he is voting for the Democratic side again because of Social Security and Medicare.

“I like to know that my back’s covered,” he said, adding that he opposes Trump’s payroll tax deferral since the payroll tax funds Social Security.

Greg told Just the News he is supporting Trump, and he hopes one of Trump’s sons decides to run for president next.

“He has a better head on his shoulders than Biden — [Biden] can’t even hold a conversation for God’s sake,” he said. “And I don’t want my taxes raised because I don’t get that much anyhow because I’m disabled.”

Some voters who identified themselves as Republicans declined to share their view of the presidential election.

Trump won the state of Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes by less than 1 percent against Hillary Clinton in 2016.

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