Bill Maher’s Right: Clinton Has Been ‘Callous,’ and Worse Toward Lewinsky

Bill Maher’s Right: Clinton Has Been ‘Callous,’ and Worse Toward Lewinsky


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Janet Ybarra
Former Washington Journalist
Contributor on The Bipartisan Press

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The thing about late-night host Bill Maher, it seems like half of the time he’s firing off saying useless–or worse, downright offensive–garbage.

But then the other half of the time, he actually makes a lot of sense.

Today is one of the latter.

During a recent broadcast of his HBO political comedy program Real Time, Maher slammed former president Bill Clinton as “callous” for saying his affair with Monica Lewinsky had been to manage his “anxieties.”

And Maher is absolutely right.

Reducing his affair with Lewinsky to essentially stress management is not only callous, but cruel.

Callous and cruel to Lewinsky, of course.

But this has been Clinton’s way ever since the name Monica Lewinsky first surfaced and he wagged his finger at the nation and lied that he didn’t have “sexual relations with that woman.”

Since then–and whenever he’s discussed the matter in the decades since–it’s always been all about him. His words have never left anything to the consideration of Ms. Lewinsky.

Granted, this was an extramarital affair. But did Clinton feel nothing for this young woman, from the blossoming of that affair?

It’s clear that Lewinsky felt something for Clinton.

But, for Clinton, was he merely using this woman?

Using her, for sexual gratification?

And, now, we learn, to manage his neuroses, as well?

If that’s all, Clinton should have snuck a few hookers in the back door of the White House, paid them well for their services, and been done with it.

Because what Clinton led Lewinsky on to was at least the contours of a consensual affair.

No, no one’s saying that Clinton ever promised Lewinsky he’d ever leave Hillary for her.

But, for crying out loud, she’s a human being with feelings. A living woman. She deserves better than to go down in history as little more as a stress management tool.

I have no doubt that, by now, President Clinton has worked out forgiveness over the affair from his wife.

But the absolute shabby and cruel way that he has treated his Monica Lewinsky? It’s time for Clinton to seek forgiveness from the other woman.

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