CNN’s Henderson at Beto Rally: ‘Maybe the Most Electable Candidate Is Actually a White Male’

CNN’s Henderson at Beto Rally: ‘Maybe the Most Electable Candidate Is Actually a White Male’


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Janet Ybarra
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Even with the historically diverse field contending for the Democratic presidential nomination, it may come back to a white man among the pack perceived as most electable, according to CNN’s senior political reporter.

“What’s interesting, and I talked to voters about this, and there is this sense of: ‘Do you need a white male to go up against Donald Trump,’ right? The last election you saw Hillary Clinton obviously fail in her bid to beat Donald Trump, so there is this idea of maybe the most electable candidate is actually a white male,” said senior political reporter Nia-Malika Henderson.

“So you see in the recent poll … the Quinnipiac poll, the three top vote getters — not vote getters, but the folks who so far feel like they would vote for are all white men at this point,” Henderson added. “By every other metric, so far are leading in that metric. I talked to an African-American woman, she said maybe some conservative church-goers might have a problem backing a woman. Keep in mind African-American women showed up and showed out for Hillary Clinton in 2016, but she field like maybe thee a little skeptical going forward in doing that. She’s one of the people who’s out here, looking for some specifics. She likes Beto O’Rourke, but she’s going to go away from here, hoping to hearing some more.”

O’Rourke’s candidacy had a strong launch out of the gate, raising an eye-popping initial $6.1 million but since then, he also has been dogged by trouble from his status as a white man among a historically diverse field of women, people of color and an LGBT American in the race.

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