Fmr. FBI Counterintelligence Chief: ‘We’re Facing the Possibility of a Permanent Insurgency’

Fmr. FBI Counterintelligence Chief: ‘We’re Facing the Possibility of a Permanent Insurgency’


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Janet Ybarra
Former Washington Journalist
Contributor on The Bipartisan Press

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The threat of domestic terrorists and insurrectionists loyal to Donald Trump won’t disappear when Trump leaves office. Rather, that group is likely to become something that the United States hasn’t seen in centuries: a widespread “permanent insurgency,” according to the former assistant director for counterintelligence at the FBI.

Thousands of pro-Trump insurrectionists and domestic terrorists stormed the US Capitol in Washington DC on Wednesday, leaving several of the terrorists dead — as well as at least one Capitol Police officer.

The terrorists also left damage and theft in their wake from one of the nation’s most sacred symbols of democracy.

The rationale — such as it was — for the extremists’ terror attack was to overturn the results of the November elections and ensure that Trump was installed for a second term.

That failed, as lawmakers returned to the Capitol in the hours after the attack, and with Vice President Mike Pence presiding finally cerified Joe Biden as the next president of the United States.

However, the extremists already are planning to return to the nation’s capital en masse for President-elect Biden’s Inauguration.

Americans may well have to adjust to the new reality of a wider threat which has become commonplace to those in other countries, said former FBI official Frank Figliuzzi.

“But it’s an ongoing threat because it’s not going to go away simply when this president disappears,” he said in an on-air interview with MSNBC. “We are facing the possibility, Ali, of a permanent insurgency. When 74 million people say, ‘I’m voting for that guy, I’m loyal to that guy; I have a flag with that guy’s face on it, not the Stars and Stripes on my flag,’ then we’re dealing with something that we see in Colombia with the FARC and the AUC, that we see in Spain with the Basque separatist groups, that we’ve seen in our own territory of Puerto Rico with groups like Los Macheteros and FALN, separatist groups. That’s the deep concern.”

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  • comment-avatar
    KAREN KELLY January 11, 2021

    We need to have the election audited.
    We need to know the truth. And if Biden won fair and square so be it!

    • comment-avatar

      Or why not go to a court of law to prove that there was fraud in ANY of the state’s’ electoral processes? Whoops! Been there, done that!…50(?) times…with NO proof. Strange how the ‘freedom’ to say or yell LIES loudly over and over disappears in court when you have to prove them… and can NOT!!!

  • comment-avatar
    Daniel Galuppo January 16, 2021

    The fact that anyone is this country voted for that sorry excuse for a human being absolutely disgusts me. He is nothing more then a lying, cheating, self centered criminal. And I would like to see an audit done on the entire Trump band of criminals so this country and his supporters can see exactly how much money he has stolen from our country. There is already hard evidence of close to a hundred million he as stolen and I would guess that is just a drop in the bucket. People need to wake up and do some real fact checking for a change instead of listening to propaganda form any source. It doesn’t take but one hour to find factual evidence of what a lowlife criminal Trump is and he has raised a family of criminals to follow in his footstep. His father was nothing but a criminal who scammed his way through life stealing millions from government funded programs and taking advantage of thousands of US citizens to build his so called fortune. Why not just do a little basic research people. Court documents are easy to find and read for yourself any of the hundreds of sworn statements made by hundreds of employee’s , vendors, contractors who have been ripped off by Trump. Or any of the investors who he lied to and scammed into investing in his businesses. Millions and millions of dollars that he took and pissed away on his own personal pleasures and then filing for bankruptcy after stealing the investors money. Or how about the students who he lied to and accepted tuition monies from the a scam Trump University that didn’t even exist other then a name. And lets not even talk about the countless women who he has abused. If you think that any of this is untrue then I dare you to prove me wrong. The facts are there, the evidence is there and there is so much of it that it sickens me that this animal wasn’t locked up in prison years ago where he rightfully belongs. President! My God! My only prayer is that after he is convicted of the many felonies he faces in NY for the years of tax fraud he factually committed, that he and his family are investigated to the fullest for the crimes and fraud they have committed from the day he began his campaign until to the last day he is in office. That should be enough to lock him and his entire family up for the rest of his life and many years for the rest of them. Not one item mentioned here comes from any form of media whatsoever. These are facts that are supported by documented evidence, Please people, if you truly have one ounce of respect for this great nation of ours, stop listening to anyone and go to the library or go online for a couple of hours just as I have done and get the information yourself for a change. And if you still don’t believe the truth about Trump then I truly have very little hope for the future of our nation.