Trump has Moved On…to Posting Fake Weather

Trump has Moved On…to Posting Fake Weather


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Janet Ybarra
Former Washington Journalist
Contributor on The Bipartisan Press

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The president who introduced the world to “fake news” has branched out in a whole new level of inanity and dishonesty by delivering fake weather from the Oval Office.

In what can only be described as bizarre, Donald Trump held up a forecast map for Hurricane Dorian, except that it had been clearly altered by what appeared to be a Sharpie marker to expand the storm track to include Alabama, where it was never forecast to hit.

Still, Trump refused to concede the point, insisting that Alabama had been under potential threat by Dorian.

It’s just such an odd point to make such a fuss over.

Yes, we know Alabama is an important part of the Trump base. But what’s so absolutely crazy here is whether or not the state may or may not have been hit by natural disaster won’t appreciably effect his political standing one way or another.

If Trump wants to hold a rally in Alabama, he doesn’t need a hurricane, or potential hurricane, as an excuse.

However, his fake weather map is just so obvious, it only serves to further expose Trump’s dishonesty and duplicity.

However, considering that exposing Trump for the liar and con artist ahead of the election would be a good thing, perhaps they should start having him do the forecast daily on “News at 6.”

Oh, and here’s another one for the articles of impeachment: Altering official government weather forecasts isn’t just a cause for concern — it’s illegal.

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  • comment-avatar

    So this is what the media is covering now? What a disgrace!

    • comment-avatar

      Then clearly you don’t understand what the media is. The media is supposed to cover information that would be of interest to the public. I think Trump trying to fake a hurricane map is of importance and interest.

  • comment-avatar

    Trump is also concerned about the possible Chinese help to the Bahamas which is clearly not nearly as threatening as their help to the Alabama hurricane Dorian survivors.