‘Head-Spinning’ Day: GOP’s Conditioning the Base to See Trump’s Erratic Behavior as Normal or Time for 25th Amendment?

‘Head-Spinning’ Day: GOP’s Conditioning the Base to See Trump’s Erratic Behavior as Normal or Time for 25th Amendment?


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Janet Ybarra
Former Washington Journalist
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It was a day in which the president of the United States backed out at the last minute from a diplomatic trip to Denmark because his overture to purchase Greenland. He reversed himself–and then unreversed himself–on serious economic matters. And, finally, he referred to himself in Biblical terms as “The Chosen One.”

What does all of this erratic behavior mean?

“What a Hump Day. Welcome to Meet the Press Daily, I’m Chuck Todd here in Washington. And welcome to a day when we do feel compelled to tell you again that what is now the norm in Washington is not normal, and in many ways it’s very un-American,” MSNBC host Chuck Todd said in opening his Wednesday program. “I can’t believe I have to say it, but it is not normal, nor is it American to call Jewish-Americans disloyal if they somehow vote for the Democrats. It is not normal, let alone very American, to cancel a trip to Denmark because they won’t sell us Greenland. After saying the trip to Denmark had nothing to do with buying Greenland in the first place. I know you got to keep track of your denials from this White House sometimes. It is not normal to deny a tax cut is on the table, then confirm a tax cut is on the table, then again deny it, all in the space of 36 hours and expect any of us to take you seriously. It is not normal that we can’t take the president seriously because taxes and Greenland are just two in a long list of things he’s completely reversed himself on recently. Sometimes he reverses the reversals. Try to keep up with the background check business.

“And maybe the most important and consequential piece of all of this, it is not normal for the Republican Party to enable this, to sit back. By not standing up, speaking out, elected Republicans are allowing the president to keep behaving erratically, abnormally, and in ways that are far from effective. And, oh, by the way, conditioning the entire base of the Republican Party that somehow this is normal behavior,” Todd added. “It is not normal that a head-spinning 30-minute press availability like this has become the norm.”

Progressive commentator Cenk Uygur raised the potential–as has come up occasionally since the earliest days of his presidency–of using the Constitution and its mechanism for removing a president unfit for office.

“I think the president is a lunatic and I think we’ve got to be honest about it. And we’ve got to start talking about the 25th Amendment right now,” Uygur said. “So this guy cancels a diplomatic trip to Denmark because he’s so thin-skinned, he gets triggered so easily, that when Denmark says, no, we’re not going to sell you Greenland, he says my feelings were hurt. Apparently he needs a safe space. In the same 24-hour period, he called himself the second coming of God and the king of Israel. The man is deeply, mentally unstable.

“The Cabinet should convene immediately to discuss the 25th Amendment. And I’m not kidding. The emperor has no clothes. We’re ignoring the elephant in the room: He’s mentally unstable…”

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