Here are 6 good things that Trump has done.

Here are 6 good things that Trump has done.


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1. Stricter Immigration Policies

For many years I did a lot of business along the Texas-Mexico border. Trump is bringing to light the insane immigration laws that make our country the laughing stock of the world. I could sit on the balcony of my hotel room and watch the women waddle across the border in order to get to an emergency room to have a baby on the U.S. taxpayers dollar. That baby would be a “citizen” and an anchor baby.  I also saw the corruption of the Mexican government.  The results of the drug wars.  The inequalities in trade etc.

No one in Texas is against legal immigration. But people including Hispanics who are directly affected by the crime, drugs, low pay pressures, human sex slaves, etc. connected with open borders want border control. They also want an end to the insane practices like considering any baby born in the U.S. to be a citizen, to allow anyone who memorizes the phrase “I am seeking asylum” to be let in, undocumented immigrants getting welfare, etc.

Both the Democrats and the Republican politicians benefit from the cheaper than slave labor that undocumented immigrants provide.  Most Americans would benefit from only allowing legal immigrants who can make a positive contribution to enter our country.

The Democrats always point out that some border cities like El Paso and Laredo are safer than average. Yes, that is true. For 2 reasons. The undocumented immigrants go north. And the drug cartels maintain the peace. Just over the river on the Mexican side, there is a daily blood bath. The drug dealers want neutral zones for their families to shop and go to school.

The idea that no terrorists or even Muslims are crossing the borders total nonsense. My husband’s family came to the U.S. via Mexico. Yet their first language was Arabic. Just watch Mexican soap operas on TV. About 20 % of the beautiful women are of middle eastern heritage. The fastest growing religion in Latin America is Islam. The Cubans and Hugo Chavez ran a communist commando training camp on the Isle of Pines. It is estimated that they trained over 30,000 potential fighters from other Latin countries.

Heroin and other deadly drugs are primarily brought in across our southern border. The Mexican cartels control the U.S. distribution throughout the nation. There are more members of various Latin gangs like MS-13 in the U.S. than ISIS members worldwide. In fact, LA has more gang members just on its own.

The drug gangs of Mexico and Central America do not respect the law at all. If bribery does not work, they use violence. They kill mayors, judges, jurors, cops, informants, competitors – often by brutally torturing them to death in unimaginable ways.

MS-13 is already killing and raping here in the US in Satanic rituals. And even if not ritualistically, with unspeakable violence.

The middle eastern people who once migrated to Mexico and Latin-American were mainly Christians and Jews fleeing the oppression of Islam. Now there are many Islamic Extremists who are coming to the Americas to raise money for Jihad. In a marriage made in hell, Jihadists and Latin Drug dealers are working together. Middle Eastern drug dealers in Mexico and Latin America now run the heroin trade to Spain and Western Europe.

2. Repeal of Individual Mandate

Trump has kept his promise to abolish the mandatory tax penalty for not buying Obamacare. The most basic Obamacare with an $8,000 deductible would cost me over $12,000 a year or a fine of $1,200. I live a very healthy lifestyle and over the past 40 years, have averaged spending $300 a year or less on health. I chose not to have insurance but rather started my own medical savings account.

3. Stronger Negotiations for the U.S.

Trump understands negotiations. The socialist Democrats only understand raising taxes and buying votes with welfare. They are clueless as to how to negotiate. Pres. Obama was an idiot when it came to negotiations. He would give away the cake to get a burned candle.

Trump continues to even the playing field on international trade. We have been played for fools for too long.  Trump is exposing the self-serving politicians in the bag for the Military Industrial Complex. He is trying to get us out of the insane wars we are in and trying to prevent our being sucked into these bloody wars that do not benefit the USA again.

4. Tax Relief Funding

In my art & design business, I depend on people having money to spend on remodeling, new construction and/or decorating. Trump’s tax relief is giving people money to spend. Trump has brought to light the advantages of low taxes and less regulation to stimulate the economy and to attract business.

I have mixed emotions on this. The businesses and people are flocking toTexas by the thousands daily due to the lower taxes and friendlier business climate. Unfortunate many of these people are bringing their leftist PC ideas with them. If they vote in the Socialist Democrats here in Texas, they will kill the goose that laid the golden egg.

It has already happened in some districts.

5. Inspirational Example

Trump has provided a heroic example of how to keep focused on your goals despite being viciously and vulgarly attacked 24/7 by the combined forces of the Democrats, media, entertainment, never Trump rhinos, etc..

Somehow, he gets up each day and makes progress despite all the hate being thrown his way.

6. Brings America Together

The nation is clearly and perhaps irreparably divided between Trump haters and those of us who see the progress that Trump is making. This presents some awkward social challenges. While many of us on different sides avoided each other for the past couple of years, we are beginning to associate again with the unspoken agreement to avoid all politics and stick to common values-like good wine

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Update, 1/26/2019: We apologize for our poor word choice in calling undocumented immigrants, “illegals.” We assume full responsibility and have update the article to reflect it.

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    What do you mean “apologize fr calling people illegals”? They ARE illegal. What other word would explain illegal? Certainly not “undocumented”!