Here are the Best Memes and Jokes About Kim Jong Un

Here are the Best Memes and Jokes About Kim Jong Un


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In 2019, anything can become viral through a meme, from a haircut to a plant, to a person. This includes the North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Un. After his summit with Trump, memes arose, mocking everything from Kim’s personality to his haircut. Here are the best memes and jokes about Kim Jong Un.

Kim Jong Un faces a group of reporters

Kim Jong Un: I am excited to announce that North Korea will be the first nation to land on the Sun. We have already developed sophisticated technology that will bring humans to the Sun.

Reporter #1: I’ve heard that the Sun is very hot. How will your astronauts survive the heat?

Kim Jong Un thinks for a moment

Kim Jong Un: Well, we will just go when it is dark!

Well, we will just go when it is dark!

All the reporters stand up and start clapping. “What a genius!” shouts one reporter. “Wow! I never thought of that!” exclaims another.

Back in the Oval Office… President Trump is watching the news.

Trump: That man is an idiot. Everyone knows there is no sun when it is dark.

All of Trump’s aides stand up and start clapping. “How equally intelligent..” whispers one aide.

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