Ilhan Omar Blasts Biden’s Broken Immigration Promises: We Are Not Seeing a ‘More Humane’ System

Ilhan Omar Blasts Biden’s Broken Immigration Promises: We Are Not Seeing a ‘More Humane’ System


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Janet Ybarra
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A well-known House progressive — and herself a refugee to the United States — is condemning the Biden administration’s immigration policies and enforcement.

In particular, Rep Ilhan Omar (D-Minn) condemned the treatment of Haitian migrants in the United States, especially recently at an encampment near a Texas border town.

Brutal images emerged last month of US border agents on horseback chasing down and using whips or horse reins to apparently whip Haitian migrants at the encampment, which led to multiple investigations.

Those images — and reports of mistreatment and the continuation of Trump-era policies — have infuriated many Democrats who believed that President Biden’s election would usher in an era of more “humane” immigration policies.

“This is — this is worse than a broken — a broken promise. This is truly reneging and doing the opposite of what you said you would do,” said Omar. “I don’t see the promised ways in which these procedures were going to become more humane, and we are not seeing a coordinated, cross-agency process taking place.

“We already know that there are kids still in detention centers. We already know that they’re still a lot of work that’s left from the last administration that this administration must do and can do, and this new situation that we are dealing with needs to be dealt with in an expedited way,” she added.

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