Impeachment Advocate Steyer: Republicans Are Going To Show up in 2020

Impeachment Advocate Steyer: Republicans Are Going To Show up in 2020


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Janet Ybarra
Former Washington Journalist
Contributor on The Bipartisan Press

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Democrats who are worried that impeachment of Donald Trump would motivate Republicans to turn out to vote in next year’s elections should stop because those voters will turn out regardless, according to a wealthy, determined advocate for impeachment.

Congressional Democrats should merely do what’s right and stand up for American values, said Tom Steyer, a wealthy financier who has held nationwide town hall meetings and paid for TV advertising drumming up support for impeachment.

Despite his efforts, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi continues to tamp down talk of moving forward with Trump’s impeachment.

“I think for people who are worried that Republicans may show up in 2020, they should stop worrying, because Republicans are going to show up in 2020,” Steyer said. “If you look at what happened in 2018, the number of people who voted Democrat from four years before, in 2014, 35 million people voted for Democrats and 40 million people voted for Republicans. In 2018, 50 million people voted for Republicans but 59 million people voted for Democrats.

“What really happened was, sure, 10 million more people voted for Republicans, but 24 million more people voted for Democrats. We should stop worrying about what Republicans think and start thinking what the American people, the overwhelmingly number of whom agree with us think, and make sure that they hear something strong and positive about who we are and the values that we stand for. That’s what a winning solution is in 2020,” Steyer added.

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