Jen Psaki: ‘I Don’t Think the American People Will Tolerate’ If GOP Refuses to Accept Biden Admin Nominees

Jen Psaki: ‘I Don’t Think the American People Will Tolerate’ If GOP Refuses to Accept Biden Admin Nominees


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Janet Ybarra
Former Washington Journalist
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President-elect Biden’s nominees for his government “will look like America,” and Americans will not stand for Republicans playing politics with those nominees, according to a veteran Democratic operative.

A number of Biden’s appointments began being named Monday, including Antony Blinken as secretary of state-designate, Alejandro Majorakas as homeland security secretary-designate and John Kerry as special presidential envoy for climate.

“Well, Jake, Biden and [Vice President-elect Kamala] Harris were elected by a coalition of people across the country and that included people who are progressive and moderate and Republican although most Americans don’t think of themselves by those definitions,” Jen Psaki, a CNN contributor and White House communications director during the Obama administration said in an on-air interview. “That is sort of a Washington definition. And their cabinet and the team will look like America so that means diversity of ideology and becomes and wants a range of views of people at the table.

“I would encourage people to wait who he sees and announces and nominates in the weeks to come,” she added. “Of course, there will be some this week and more in the weeks following but he want to have a diversity of people at the table because he fully understands that is how he is going to move an agenda forward.”

Although the coming Senate majority hangs in the balance of two run-off elections in Georgia January 5, Republicans should not be thinking of trying to shoot down Biden’s nominations for political points, Psaki said.

“Well, I’ll say, first, Jake, I’m not sure Sen. Tom Cotton is going to be our bar here of approval of our nominees or reaction to our nominees. There are a number of Republicans who have come out this week who said they would support experience and qualified nominees,” she said. “Those are exactly the kind of people who Joe Biden is going to announce and nominate this, and in the weeks to come. He spent a lot of time making decisions this past week and I expect some the week following that.

“I think beyond that we are facing a pandemic as you’ve been talking about. Thousands of people have died from COVID over the last few weeks. We have a recession. I don’t think that the American people are going to tolerate that if there is a refusal to move forward with qualified nominees,” Psaki added.

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    Jen Psaki, who faithfully served now former President Obama actually has enough arrogance to speak on behalf of all of the American People. No, sorry, she does not. Psaki is yet another pretentious liberal who considers herself superior to “flyover country” residents. She hasn’t considered the very real probability that millions of Americans will not accept Biden as President, who won under rather questionable circumstances. Biden’s agenda, if implemented will have a rather devastating impact on everyday Americans. Someone of Psaki’s ilk knows nothing about everyday people.

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      Sorry I need to clarify a portion of what I just wrote. Jen Psaki has the arrogance to speak on behalf of the American people, and actually believes in my opinion that she has the right to do so. I beg to differ. Good luck with Biden, and God help us all.