Joe Biden: I Would Ramp Up Testing

Joe Biden: I Would Ramp Up Testing


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Janet Ybarra
Former Washington Journalist
Contributor on The Bipartisan Press

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As the numbers of Americans infected and dying from COVID-19 continue to rise, former vice president Joe Biden outlined for voters just what he planned to do to combat the pandemic.

With more than 8.5 million US reported cases of coronavirus and more than 225,000 deaths–and with just two weeks left until Election Day–Biden reviewed the steps he would take if elected president to try to get the pandemic under control.

A majority of Americans prefer Biden’s approach to the pandemic over that of the incumbent, Donald Trump, according to public opinion polling.

“Well, I laid out back in March and then again in July exactly what I would do. Number One, I would ramp up testing to be able to make sure we are able to get same-day test to people,” the Democrat said in a campaign stop in the battleground state of North Carolina. “And we should be working on something and invested in like pregnancy test, if you take it home you can find out immediately. Same thing has to happen. I’d be investing in that, I’ve been arguing that for some time, Number One.

“And then tracing, being able to trace wherever you find a case has broken out, trace who, in fact, they were in contact,”he added. “Thirdly, I’d make sure we provided the PPE, the protective equipment for all the folks who in fact are in the front lines and those people who are trying to open their businesses and schools.

“Fourthly, I’d make sure we were in the situation where we start just listening to the scientists, wearing a mask — wearing a mask. It’s indicated we could save 100,000 lives between now and the end of the year if we just wore masks,” Biden said. “And that’s been a consensus among the experts. And I’d also make sure we’re in a situation where we are able to see to it that once somebody has — needs treatment, that it’s free.

“And lastly the vaccine, I would take the politics out of getting the vaccine, not mislead the American people. The American people take the truth,” he concluded. “The only thing they can’t take is being told a lie. And they know we haven’t turned the corner on this COVID, but we can open businesses, we can open schools, we can provide the income needed by them, the financial aid they need for all the equipment they need to open up.”

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