OK City Mayor: My Gut Says May 1 Is Too Early to Reopen

OK City Mayor: My Gut Says May 1 Is Too Early to Reopen


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Janet Ybarra
Former Washington Journalist
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Not everyone in Red State America is matching in step with a quick reopening of their economies in the face of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Donald Trump has been pushing to loosen the state stay-at-home orders which have been in place for weeks, in order to slow the spread of the virus, but also largely shuttering the US economy in the process.

Although several Republican governors, including those of Florida and Georgia, are reopening, at least one GOP leader is going his own way: Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt.

It’s too soon to think about that in a state that’s seen 3,121 confirmed cases, including 188 deaths according to the mayor, who’s been in office since 2018.

“We strongly felt that nothing should can considered until May 1. Personal care is not opening today. We just left the shelter in place in place as it the way with was through the month of April. My gut says May 1 is too early,” Holt said. “That is when it opens here in Oklahoma. And it put us in a tough position. I’m only the mayor of half the people in my metro area. If you have a patch work of regulations that are not statewide or regional, it doesn’t serve a purpose to do things differently than all the others. We made it a very tough decision, we will try to align with the state. And with very mixed emotions that we do that. Because we are very concerned.

“I recognize we cannot shelter in place for two years but we are trying to find the right date. I gave a press conference today to the people of Oklahoma City. The virus doesn’t know it’s May 1,” he added. “We have to stay on task. We have been successful in Oklahoma City and we have keep the same mentality in place and we have confidence to save lives.”

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