Prager Calls 2020 Democrats ‘Fraud,’ ‘Liar,’ ‘Slime’

Prager Calls 2020 Democrats ‘Fraud,’ ‘Liar,’ ‘Slime’

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Welton Wang
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On his radio show, conservative Dennis Prager called out the Democratic candidates as, “frauds,” “liars,” as well other various insults.

He aimed his comments mainly at Beto O’Rourke, saying that he’s a “slime. When he speaks, I wish to throw up,” as well as Pete Buttigieg, mocking him by saying, “He’s a total fraud. Oh, look, I was in the military. I’m clean-cut, but I want to abolish the Electoral College. I, Buttigieg, at 35, know better how America should be run than the founders of the country, because I’m an arrogant SOB, that’s why. They’re all arrogant. What did the founders know? Oh, Electoral College! We don’t want that! We want a direct vote for president.”

He also attacked Democratic debate speakers, saying, “They stink as people. They don’t just stink as Democrats. They stink as human beings. They lie with the ease with which you breathe.”

He then adds, “These are not good people. I wish I didn’t believe that.  I wish they were just good people I differed with.”

He went on to attack leftist in general, saying that, “almost every leftist is a mean human being.”

During the show, he then pushed conservative beliefs, saying, “I beg people to get my Rational Bible, These are the things that I teach — it says to love your neighbor as yourself. It doesn’t say love the whole world as yourself. It doesn’t say love everyone as yourself.”

As for his answer on making a better society, Prager says, “to make a better society is get married and make a good family and join a church and treat your neighbors well. That’s our answer. Their answer is fundamentally transform the United States of America.”

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    Prager’s name calling does not get us very far. I agree that neighbors should be treated well but my experience with some have been less than exemplary, in fact, I’ve written about “neighbors from hell.” To encourage neighbor cohesion start a Nextdoor chapter as I did. I’m a democrat but I agree that many of the platforms such as the Green New Deal, free college and Medicare for All are totally unrealistic. But I’d vote, as many would, for Joe Biden just to restore a sense of reasonableness and decorum in government, and Trump’s anti-trade tirades will eventually backfire and lead us into recession–which may well be happening now.