Scaramucci on Trump Audio: ‘Rank Lawlessness,’ ‘He Needs To Be Impeached Again’

Scaramucci on Trump Audio: ‘Rank Lawlessness,’ ‘He Needs To Be Impeached Again’


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Janet Ybarra
Former Washington Journalist
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Even with just weeks left in office, Donald Trump deserves to be impeached a second time for the contents of his phone call over the weekend with Georgia elections officials, according to an erstwhile Trump staffer-turned-critic.

Trump ignited a firestorm for a call he made for about an hour with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and Raffensperger’s general counsel.

A recording of the call was leaked to The Washington Post, in which Trump can be heard both appearing to threaten and attempt to extort Raffensperger to “recalculate” Georgia’s presidential election total, which has gone for President-elect Biden.

Trump’s conduct on the call rises to the level of a second impeachment, even though he has less than three weeks left in his term, said Anthony Scaramucci.

“I think anybody that’s been in President Trump’s orbit has heard calls like this and has heard that sort of pushiness and that level of intimidation. Obviously there was lawlessness related to the Ukraine president. This is rank lawlessness happening domestically. He needs to be impeached again,” said Scaramucci, who once was a Trump backer and briefly his White House communications director before becoming a Trump adversary. “They won’t do that because you have 16 days left to go here. It’s absolutely disgraceful that there’s only a few Republicans that are willing to speak out against this.

“And so why that is so troublesome, Ana, they’re seeing this as a sign to coalesce with the president and to torque up trumpism even harder thinking that’s a winning strategy, that it’s a working-class party now, and that more trumpism, more Qanon is going to be their ticket to more power,” Scaramucci added in an on-air interview. “They picked up seats in the house and this is evidence that is creating this sort of hysteria in the Republican Party. So we have to break the back of it and we will. There’s a very smart and large group, a coalition, of Republicans or former Republicans that are center-right conservatives that know they need to smash and demolish this level of authoritarianism and fascism.

“We’ll break the back of this. We’ll work over the next couple of years to do that. But it’s reprehensible and it’s a sad day in U.S. history that nobody in the Republican Party is really hammering this for the lawlessness that it actually is,” he said.

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