Target of Suspicion, ‘Cindy’ Yang Says She’s Only Victim of Prejudice

Target of Suspicion, ‘Cindy’ Yang Says She’s Only Victim of Prejudice


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Janet Ybarra
Former Washington Journalist
Contributor on The Bipartisan Press

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A woman tied to message parlors associated with human trafficking, as well as accused of running an operation to sell access to President Trump to foreign nationals has denied all of the allegations.

Concern over Li “Cindy” Yang grew to such levels that top congressional Democrats sought criminal and national security investigations into her and her activities.

Allegations against Yang tied her Florida message parlors to human trafficking of sex workers and using her apparent relationship with Trump for profit, particularly selling that access to Chinese national business people.

Yang denied all of that in a recent TV interview, saying that she is nothing more than a loyal Republican.

“Today in Florida she told us the last few weeks have been a nightmare. Ever since [New England Patriots owner] Robert Kraft was charged with soliciting sex at the Orchids of Asia day spa,” said NBC News journalist Cynthia McFadden. “The Miami Herald reported Cindy Yang was the original owner of the spa. A series of high-profile articles since have raised questions about whether she was engaged in illegal businesses, whether she was selling access to President Trump, and whether she’s been working for the Chinese government as a spy.”

But Yang, who sold the spa seven years ago, says none of it is true, McFadden reported.

“She’s given money to the Republicans, like millions of others. And has only two pictures of herself with Donald Trump, who she does not know,” McFadden added. “She says it all comes down to prejudice.”

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