Trump Losing His Base, Poll Finds

Trump Losing His Base, Poll Finds


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Janet Ybarra
Former Washington Journalist
Contributor on The Bipartisan Press

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Although Donald Trump has the approval of 85 percent or more of Republicans, but that is not the same as enthusiasm–and on that Democrats have a big gap: a stunning 85 percent strongly disapprove; while 67 percent of Republicans strongly approve (and only 37 percent of moderates), according to pollsters with the Democratic-associated non-profit, Democracy Corps.

That is an 18 point enthusiasm gap between Democrats and Republicans (and we know from 2018, it was the less enthusiastic Republicans who did not vote or shifted to the Democrats), the Democracy Corps pollsters said.

This kind of gap translated into a blue wave in 2018 and another is building for 2020, they added.

The poll also confirms the pull back of white working class women too. Trump wins these voters by 8 points against Biden and 10 against Warren, comparable to the margin among these white working class women in 2018 when Democrats made gains and very different from the 27-point Trump margin in 2016.

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