Trump Will Get ‘Much, Much Worse’ To Energize His Exhausted Supporters

Trump Will Get ‘Much, Much Worse’ To Energize His Exhausted Supporters


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Janet Ybarra
Former Washington Journalist
Contributor on The Bipartisan Press

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Since he’s facing a stream of polls showing him losing his bid for re-election, expect Donald Trump to get more “frantic” and do more to get his voter base wound up to incentivize them to turn out to vote next year.

That’s what a Pulitzer Prize-winning political commentator recently discussed during an on-air discussion on MSNBC’s morning program, Morning Joe.

Polls have been mostly a steady drumbeat of alarming news for Trump and his team, as he is no longer popular in the most important battleground states, and appears to be failing in hypothetical match-ups against various Democratic opponents.

Trump last week officially kicked off his re-election campaign with a rally in Orlando, Fla.

“I think we, if anything, underestimate how desperate he’s getting already at the signs that there’s just Trump exhaustion out there, that the base is going to take a whole lot more stoking, even more stoking than he did last time, a lot more stoking to get them out in comparable numbers,” said Eugene Robinson, columnist for The Washington Post.

“I saw some figures a few weeks ago on responses to his tweets. And that’s way down,” Robinson added. “People become desensitized over time and I think some people have become desensitized, others have just wandered away, others have been appalled by various things he’s done.

“You know, he looks really frantic right now, but I think we haven’t seen anything yet. I think it’s going to get much, much, much worse before it gets any better,” he concluded.

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