Trump’s Coronavirus Bungling Could Be His Own Undoing

Trump’s Coronavirus Bungling Could Be His Own Undoing


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Janet Ybarra
Former Washington Journalist
Contributor on The Bipartisan Press

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Sometimes we’re reminded why Donald Trump is evil.

And other times we are reminded why he is deeply incompetent.

When it comes to the response that he and his administration have mounted to the covid 19 coronavirus outbreak worldwide, and particularly here in the United States, you could say that it’s been a little bit of both–but really more the latter than the former.

The federal government’s best health professionals came out to brief the American people on the facts and the truth that they need to know about the outbreak of the pandemic here, only for Trump to contradict them, over and over--dishonestly.

Trump said the current number of covid 19 cases in the United States is “going very substantially down, not up.” But the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has said to expect more cases and has warned that it is highly unlikely that the virus will not spread to some degree within the nation.

The president said that the United States is “rapidly developing a vaccine” for the disease, and “will essentially have a flu shot for this in a fairly quick manner.”

That’s misleading. The director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases said a vaccine at best won’t be ready for “a year to a year-and-a-half” and won’t be available for the current epidemic.

These are but two examples of the falsehoods coming from Trump and his administration at a time when facts and truth are more important than ever.

And then you have that Trump put Vice President Pence in charge of the federal covid 19 response.

Not only does that choice raise questions due to the questionable way Pence handled an AIDS/HIV in Indiana when he was governor, but the fact that reportedly federal health experts have to pre-clear any statements to the public through him first.

Honestly, it should be the other way around. Pence has no expertise to clear their statements. The only reason he would do for would be for purposes of political spin and public relations–which ought to be the administration’s last consideration at this time.

Moreover, at a time when Trump and his administration ought to be projecting an image of “all hands on deck,” they are doing anything but.

Rather than be hard at work with the coronavirus task force, Pence was busy cavorting with conservatives and giving a speech at the annual CPAC convention outside Washington DC.

Pence still couldn’t be bothered to get to work on this national crisis for which he’s been given primary responsibility. He found time to fly to Florida for a partisan fundraiser.

Between the dishonesty and the resultant confusing statements coming out of the government as a result–and the image that the government’s senior management isn’t prioritizing covid 19 as Job No. 1 given the galavanting off on unrelated, partisan matters–should it be little wonder that the stock market is circling the drain and the economy is on the precipice?

If Trump had been smart, he and his political team would have realized that the coronavirus doesn’t distinguish between Democrats and Republicans, and infects equally.

Therefore, they would have just turned the whole response over to the health experts and moved on to other matters.

But, of course, it’s Trump and he congenitally is incapable of either shutting up or telling the truth.

The irony now is that despite what he says, the outbreak could continue for six months or more.

And if the American people spend these next months worrying about the dual evils of infection and a crashing economy, Trump won’t have anyone to blame but himself.

The truth is that the American people are finding that in a real crisis which can really hurt them, Trump is incapable of providing any real help or leadership.

And they will take that with them into the voting booth come Election Day.

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    How can this rag call itself bipartisan press. Obviously totally biased against trump.

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      Another retarded Trump supporter. Anything that isn’t Trump propoganda is “biased”

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        Another retarted liberal talking bias when ignoring the opening sentence of the clearly “Unbiased” article: “Sometimes we’re reminded why Donald Trump is evil”
        Wow. Objective journalism at its finest. The author is probably a 20 year old Berkeley student whose never worked a day in their pathetic, elite-coddled pampered life, and only thinks of evil as someone they disagree with instead of the actually fulfillment of the word in a human. I.e. Mao Zedong and the 45 million Chinese people who died because of the Great Leap Forward. You are an idiot and a parrot who hasn’t learned to think critically. Read history and don’t be a plebeian.

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          No where does the article claim to be “unbiased”.

          In fact, if you bothered to even actually look at the article, it says it’s left biased.

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      Darwinism at its finest! Look it up moron!