WaPo Blogger Says That More Republicans Will Die of Coronavirus Than Democrats

WaPo Blogger Says That More Republicans Will Die of Coronavirus Than Democrats


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Janet Ybarra
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It’s Donald Trump’s older supporters who are most at risk of falling ill, and potentially dying, of the COVID 19 disease caused by the coronavirus, according to a prominent Washington Post blogger.

The virus has infected more than 169,000 people and has killed more than 6,500 worldwide. About 3,774 people in the United States have been confirmed to have the virus, though many others cases may be undetected. Of those reported cases, 69 people have died, according to the latest numbers.

Washington Post blogger Jennifer Rubin said “there is a particular cruelty/irony that it is their core viewers, the Republican older viewers, who are the most at risk.

“And when you think about it, which party immediately canceled all of their rallies? Which party immediately started having their political figures really portray and use their lives as an example? It was the Democrats,” Rubin said on-air during a segment of Joy Reid’s MSNBC program. “So typically there will be less Democrat deaths because there will be less mass gatherings, there will be less opportunities for people to congregate and share this horrible disease. So it is really a very short-sighted strategy.

“But I think now the name of the game is how do they get back on Planet Earth and part of the way that I think that they where doing it is down the memory hole. [Trump supporters now maintain that he] jumped right on this right away because of all this planning that we’re doing so well. Which is head spinning for the rest of us who watched him for weeks saying this is a hoax. But suddenly he has been the most proactive — “

“Like [he was] the toughest on Russia,” Reid interjected, sarcastically.

“Yeah. And so they will contort themselves to get in line” Rubin said of Trump’s supporters.

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