While Some Foresee ‘A Real Battle For The Soul of The Republican Party,’ Others Believe It Will Be ‘Permanent Minority’ If They Continue To Follow Trump

While Some Foresee ‘A Real Battle For The Soul of The Republican Party,’ Others Believe It Will Be ‘Permanent Minority’ If They Continue To Follow Trump


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Janet Ybarra
Former Washington Journalist
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Larry Hogan, Maryland’s Republican governor and a potential presidential hopeful in 2024, sees a looming battle ahead for the Republican Party.

That battle will come as a result of Donald Trump’s acquittal Saturday in his second impeachment trial, after which the former president vowed to remain a leader in GOP politics.

Others, however, want the party to turn a page and leave Trump in the past.

“We’re only a month into the Biden administration, I think the final chapter of Donald Trump and where the Republican Party goes hasn’t been written yet and I think we’re going to have a real battle for the soul of the Republican Party over the next couple of years,” said Hogan.

Former Republican senator Jeff Flake of Arizona predicts electoral ruin for his former party if they continue to follow Trump, who stood accused of inciting the deadly January 6 insurrection at the US Capitol.

“Well, we’ll just continue to lose seats. We’ll continue to be, frankly, a permanent minority if we continue,” Flake said. “So we have to [switch directions]. And we should want to as well. I mean, look at what has happened since the last election: The president lost the election, then used every lever at his disposal to hang on to the White House. We saw what resulted on January 6.”

Flake, and those like him, will have a real fight on their hands, however — as Trump just as strongly maintains staunch defenders in the GOP ranks, as well, such as Sen Lindsey Graham of South Carolina.

“Yeah, Donald Trump is the most vibrant member of the Republican Party. The Trump movement is alive and well. People believe that he brought change to Washington. Policy-wise, it was long overdue,” he said. “All I can say is that the most potent force in the Republican Party is President Trump. We need Trump-plus and at the end of the day, I’ve been involved in politics for over 25 years, the president is a handful and what happened on January 6 was terrible for the country, but he’s not singularly to blame.”

Graham pointed his finger at Democrats, apparently calling them out falsely for support of Black Lives Matter protests which were mostly peaceful.

“Democrats have sat on the sidelines and watched the country be burned down for a year and a half and hadn’t said a damn word and most Republicans are tired of the hypocrisy.”

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  • comment-avatar
    Martin Cosentino February 16, 2021

    The Republican Party is ALREADY the minority party, and not likely to approach parity with Democrats
    now that Trump has trashed the White House, the Senate, and the Capitol Bldg. The Republicans have to be accountable for their terrible choices, and Trump will continue to stigmatize the true Republicans, that is if there are any TRUE Republicans remaining.

    Anyone in their ‘right’ mind (I mean SANE) will understand what an albatross is hanging
    from their neck by supporting the former president.

    He is what the Catholic Church calls ‘anathema’ a toxic and poisonous influence that needs to be neutralized, further saving those millions who continue to be deluded. If there is a close correspondence to this mania, it was the hypnotic spell Hitler cast over the Germans 90 years ago.

    We are a democracy, the greatest good for the GREATEST number. Trump and his minions trashed this concept, and the Democrats will NOT forgive him, or his supporters any time soon. They have not even begun to extract retribution for what long term damage for which the Republican Party is fully responsible.
    Isn’t this what political parties are all about and, short of a shooting civil war, which option was fully explored on Jan 6th??

    So the question remains, WHO is going to support the Republican Party, while Trump and his followers tread the blind road to oblivion??? They will be considered blessed in heaven if they can
    attain the presidency before 2028.