Why Minorities May be Socially Conservative But Vote Democratic


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Often you may encounter minorities or even Democrats who live a socially conservative lifestyle and wonder: Why do they consistently vote Democratic?

Those minorities/Democrats who are socially conservative—we are socially conservatives for ourselves. We are not out to push our own lifestyle choices and personal values onto other people.

I happen to live a life that most Republican social conservatives would laud. I am a white, straight, middle-aged, married guy. I’ve been faithfully married to the same woman for decades now, never divorced. I don’t drink, except a little bit of wine on rare occasions, I don’t smoke, I don’t do drugs, or MaryJ, I don’t sleep around on my wife—but I don’t expect everyone else to do the same. It’s none of my business.

I swear, Republican social conservatives are the biggest busybodies on the planet. They are very worried about who every else is having sex with, who they marry—or not, what substances they put in their bodies, what religion they practice, and so on. But all too often, they don’t seem to worry too much about themselves. Their social conservatism is more oriented toward other people.

See this person? That’s Democrat turned Republican Kim Davis, the County Clerk for Rowan County, Kentucky. She was unable to function in her official capacity for fear a gay person might marry—against her religion. She was worried about other people. But for herself, she has been married four times to three different men—and, even bore two children out of wedlock. This is also against her religion, yet she expected and received marriage licenses each time. Her social conservatism is for other people.

How about this guy? Republican Newt Gingrich. A great and very public social conservative, who was highly critical of Bill Clinton. He abandoned one wife when she was sick with cancer to marry his mistress, and wanted an open marriage.

Here’s pro-life Republican Tim Murphy, who wanted his mistress to get an abortion.

Here is conservative senator David Vitter, R-LA, who had a habit of utilizing the services of sex workers, and was a frequent customer for the DC Madam. Another social conservative—at least for other people.

Here is Republican Roy Moore, who nearly won the senate race in Alabama in 2016. A very staunch, hardcore social conservative—at least when it comes to other people. But his thing is pedophilia, which even some Alabama voters couldn’t stomach.

Here is Republican former senator Larry “Wide Stance” Craig, another staunch, and anti-gay, social conservative who was busted for soliciting sex with other men in public restrooms.

Don’teven get me started on the current resident of the Oval Office (which will need to be fumigated once he has cleared out). And I can keep going on and on and on.

The Republican brand of social conservatism is for Other People. And all the people who continue to vote for them—some of them might be socially conservative for themselves, but most of them? I doubt it, and in any case, their political focus is on other people. They very much want to force their social conservatism on other people.

It’s true that liberals/Democrats have had their share of sex scandals, but a) there are more likely to be consequences—compare Eliot Spitzer to Dave Vitter. Both had the exact same kind of scandal—prostitution, yet Spitzer had to resign and Vitter continued on in the US Senate, with the support of his party. And b) liberals and Democrats are not in the business of trying to force our social conservatism on other people. Our social conservatism is a personal matter only.

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