Trump’s Ukraine Scandal’s Got to be Bad: AG Barr Won’t Even Cover For Him

Trump’s Ukraine Scandal’s Got to be Bad: AG Barr Won’t Even Cover For Him


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Janet Ybarra
Former Washington Journalist
Contributor on The Bipartisan Press

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Since the day he walked back into the Justice Department as Donald Trump’s latest attorney general, there almost didn’t seem to be a thing William “Bill” Barr wouldn’t do for the man who sits in the Oval Office.

Whether that meant holding iffy press conferences, releasing questionable summaries of someone else’s investigative report on the president, or accusing the previous administration of “spying” on Trump, there seemed nothing Barr wouldn’t do to abase himself.

More often, he could be more accurately described as acting as Trump’s personal attorney or man Friday than as the nation’s top law enforcement officer.

Barr makes his previous Senate-confirmed predecessor, former attorney general Jeff Sessions, appear to be of Elliot Richardson caliber by comparison.

So while it probably, sadly, shouldn’t be too much news that Trump leaned on his man Barr to come out back in September and announce that Trump broke no laws with his phone call with the leader of Ukraine at the center of the ongoing impeachment inquiry for holding up foreign aid while he sought dirt on domestic political rivals.

The real shocking news is that apparently, this one time, Barr actually did the right thing and turn Trump down.

Of course, Trump is playing the whole Barr rejection story as just more “fake news,” which with Trump means nothing per usual.

However, the unusual Barr snub in this case likely tells us that even he can’t spin Trump’s way out of this. And if Trump ends up being good for this crime, one way or another, Barr clearly doesn’t want to go down with him, either criminally or reputationally.

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