Alyssa Milano Says She Needs ‘More Evidence’ on Whether or Not Biden Accuser Is ‘Credible’

Alyssa Milano Says She Needs ‘More Evidence’ on Whether or Not Biden Accuser Is ‘Credible’


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Janet Ybarra
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Hollywood actor and Democratic activist Alyssa Milano said that she wants “more evidence” to determine if a sexual misconduct charge against Democratic presidential front-runner Joe Biden is “credible.”

A woman named Tara Reade, who worked for then-Sen. Biden in the 1990s, claims he sexually assaulted her in 1993. There were no witnesses, she says, and so she didn’t go public with the allegations, which Biden has denied.

Although a few outlets have published stories about the charges, including Salon, The Intercept and Democracy Now, most mainstream news organizations have largely ignored the story.

Meanwhile, questions have come up to call Reade’s veracity into question, including her expressed devotion to Russia and its leader, Vladimir Putin.

“It’s got to be fair in both directions. So, you know, I’ve been very vocal about Biden and my support for him. I’ve known him for a long time and I did do my due diligence because part of it was that — the article that sort of stood out to me was that Time’s Up decided not to take the case,” Milano said in an interview, referring to the legal organization which assists victims of sexual misconduct. “I did my work and I spoke to Time’s Up and I just don’t feel comfortable throwing away a decent man that I’ve known for 15 years in this time of complete chaos without there being a thorough investigation.

“I’m sure that mainstream media would be jumping all over this as well if, they found more evidence or through their [reporting]— so I’m just kind of staying quiet about it,” she added.

Others, including Milano’s former co-star on the TV series Charmed, Rose McGowan, have been criticizing Milano for her stance on the matter.

“They’re calling me hypocritical for, you know, and saying that I’m a fake feminist and all of this, all of this stuff, and I’m still trying desperately to stand back and be sort of objective about this because I don’t want this to — you know, I sent the Me Too tweet over two years ago,” Milano said. “I never thought that it would be something that was going to destroy innocent men, right? Like, we don’t want that to happen either.

“So we have to find this balance in the ‘believe women’ movement and also giving men their their due process and, you know, realizing that we’re destroying lives if we publicly don’t go through the right steps in order to find out if an accusation is credible or not,” Milano added.

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    Suddenly it’s their ox getting gored and now they want creditable evidence? What happened to believing all women?