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Janet Ybarra
Former Washington Journalist
Contributor on The Bipartisan Press

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Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden made good on his pledge to name a woman as his running mate by selecting his one-time rival, Sen Kamala Harris of California.

Harris had been one of a handful of women who sought the Democratic presidential nomination before ultimately dropping out as Biden won primary after primary.

Harris, a Black woman and former California state attorney general, offered up memorable attacks against Biden in one of the early Democratic presidential debates.

Still, the Harris pick was widely supported.

And at 55, she offers a generational tilt compared to the 78-year-old Biden.

“And that’s the kind of woman that’s going to be hitting the trail that can draw people intergenerational, interracial and relate to them. One thing that is good about Kamala Harris is that usually when you meet people that’s been in politics or criminal justice long, they don’t have the ability to connect. She seems to have the ability to make people feel like she can relate to them,” said long-time activist and TV personality Rev. Al Sharpton. “She’s listening to them. She’s had the experience. She grew up with her sister with a single mother at a period, she understands all sides of America. And that’s who you want sitting next to the president of the United States to try to undo an administration that many Americans perceive to be not understanding their plight, not understanding what they went through.

“No one feels that Donald Trump or Mike Pence has lived the average life. Kamala Harris has lived that life. So has Joe Biden. And I think their being able to relate is going to be the hidden weapon in this kind of race we’re going to see in November,” Sharpton added. “And the more you attack them from the Trump side, the more they’re going to show that public that that’s the kind of people that can get a licking and keep ticking because that’s what all of us have had to do in life and we’ve certainly had to do it through this pandemic.”

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