La. Congressman: Yes, Trump’s Actions Have Cost American Lives

La. Congressman: Yes, Trump’s Actions Have Cost American Lives


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Janet Ybarra
Former Washington Journalist
Contributor on The Bipartisan Press

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The novel coronavirus outbreak continues to spread at an alarming rate in the state of Louisiana, with more than 3,500 confirmed cases and 151 deaths attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic. The state has the fastest growth of new cases in the world, with a growth trajectory similar to that in Italy and Spain.

With that the case, the lone Democrat in the Bayou State’s congressional delegation, Rep. Cedric Richmond, is directly blaming Donald Trump for needless COVID-19 deaths.

“Look, if you ask me do I think the president’s action versus cost us American lives? The answer is yes, unfortunately,” he said in a TV interview. “Let’s go back to, I believe it was January 22, when he did his first interview and I think it was on CNBC and they asked him, ‘Do you think we have the danger of a pandemic from coronavirus?’ He said, ‘No, no, no, not at all. We have this totally under control.’ Remember, January 22 was a month before Mardi gras. I mean, those are the types of this I think so that matter to the American people.

“You sound the alarm initially and I won’t dodge a question about Joe Biden. Joe Biden is not criticizing President Trump to the extent, in a campaign manner. What he’s doing is offering advice on what a president should do,” Richmond added. “One, show empathy, but, two, be very decisive, make the hard decisions…

“We should have sent our own team of doctors to China in the beginning to figure out what was going on, not trust the Chinese government to tell us the truth,” the congressman said. “Then we should have started preparing for coming over to American shores. And the [former] vice president has a lot of experience in it, because he dealt with ebola they protected our homeland and they prevented it from coming here. So, but, just to be technical, that ad is not coming from the campaign. I think it’s a third party group. The president right now is focused on trying to heal this country and offer advice and guidance to this president on how to beat this pandemic.

“Look, people know how I feel about President Trump. But right now, I am his biggest fan. I want him to win, because if he wins, that means we save lives,” Richmond said. “I’m just not that confident that he has it in him to do it. But I’m hoping for him. I’m praying for him. And I’m praying for the American people.”

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