A Woman’s Already Been Elected President: Now Let’s Move on to Debate What Matters

A Woman’s Already Been Elected President: Now Let’s Move on to Debate What Matters


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Janet Ybarra
Former Washington Journalist
Contributor on The Bipartisan Press

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Access to quality healthcare. Timely action against human-caused climate change. The need to address serious income inequality.

These are all issues that the Democratic candidates for president need to address.

Unfortunately, way too much time and effort have been wasted on what has been on what’s been little more than a he said/she said by anonymous proxy, over whether Sen. Bernie Sanders had told erstwhile friend and current rival Sen. Elizabeth Warren that a woman can’t be elected president.

While it’s true that Sanders and Warren are essentially fighting for the same patch of progressive voters on the Democratic Party’s left flank, they should be doing so over matters of substance which could measurably improve voters’ lives rather than what are basically the grown-up equivalent of schoolyard taunts.

Whether Sanders said that or not is irrelevant.

For one, most importantly, it won’t be truly determinative for the outcome of this year’s election.

For another, four years ago, after losing the nomination himself, Sanders did sincerely entice his supporters to vote for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

And finally, despite a quirk of what is fast becoming an antiquated and outmoded Electoral College, was the clear elected choice of a majority of those Americans who cast ballots in 2016 given Clinton won 3 million more votes than Donald Trump.

The fact is that Americans have elected a woman for president. And we may well be doing it again this year, too.

Now let’s get back to arguing about what really matters.

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    The popular vote is not our election mechanism. “A woman was already elected President” is factually untrue. Dismiss the Electoral College all you want, it is our election mechanism, and to be elected, you have to win it.

  • comment-avatar

    So you think that’s Hillary with a comb over living in the White House . Since she won the presidential election she must be the president. Are you an idiot ?
    She won a popularity … prom queen.. contest, but not the election.
    The problem is that you and so many other idiots can’t admit defeat.. in anything . When you lose, face it, move on.. stop making up excuses.