Why I Switched From Bernie to Yang

Why I Switched From Bernie to Yang

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Isiason Brown
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This isn’t a switch I made lightly. I’ve been a strong Bernie supporter since 2016 and have been rooting for him until now, in 2019.

I supported Bernie Sanders for a myriad of reasons. The first and foremost being his support of Medicare for All. It is has been my personal belief that everyone deserves access to healthcare no matter what. This is a sort of personal issue for me because I have family members who have put off getting the care they need because they were worried about costs up until the last minute which unfortunately led to their demise.

But I didn’t just support Bernie for his avid support of Medicare for All but also his consistency. It is rare nowadays to see politicians who have remained consistent during their careers. So seeing someone with a consistent message was enlightening.

He was also one of the first people to start turning down PAC money. As someone who one day hopes to run for office, I always worried about where I would get the money to be able to do so. People always say you have to be rich or suck up to the rich. But Bernie came along and showed that you can win without the support of the rich and start empowering people through a grassroots movement.

Yang has always been on my list of the top candidates who I supported to win the nomination, the first of those formerly being Bernie.

Yang also supports a lot of things that Bernie Sanders such as Medicare for All and getting money out of politics. But Yang’s flagship proposal is called the Freedom Dividend. Essentially it’s getting every American over the age of 18 $1,000 a month.

When I look at this I see a lot of problems that this addresses. It gets rid of financial insecurity, allows Americans more economic freedom, and helps address the fact that we’re automating a lot of jobs.

In my opinion, it’s better than Bernie’s or Warren’s plan to just guarantee every American a job.

He’s also a candidate with more than 100 proposals. As someone who has been an advocate for reforming our education system, I took a look at his website and saw that he had a plan for that. A lot of the candidates running just say “forgive all student debt,” and “make college free,” and that’s it. But Yang is not the candidate who just throwing money at the issues without addressing more of the root causes.

He has a comprehensive education plan that will empower more young adults, during their school time, with skills they need so that they can pursue more than just a college degree. As this has been something I have been advocating for, I’m glad someone actually has the plan to bring this into fruition.

Some of the points in his Education proposal were: Promote Vocational Education, Increase Teacher Salaries, Expand Selective Schools, and my favorite: Life-Skills Education in all high schools.

Then he has this policy called “Human-Centered Capitalism.” I’m sure I won’t do it justice by summarizing it here, so I would advise you to check it out here for yourself: https://www.yang2020.com/policies/human-capitalism/

I could go on and on about why I support each and every one of his proposals but then we could be here for a while. When I look at Yang, I see someone who is not only addressing the problem we’re facing today but problems we will be facing in the future.

And there is a sentiment among Yang supporters that I agree with. Bernie was the guy we needed in 2016, but Yang is the guy of the future.

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  • comment-avatar

    Thank you for writing this – I agree!

  • comment-avatar

    Once you side with a man, you stick with him. Or else we are just a pack of dogs that go to the next loud whistle. And then you are finished, we are all finished.

  • comment-avatar

    Stupid. ??‍♀️

  • comment-avatar
    Issac Magana August 22, 2019

    Yang is alright but he is not in my top 3.

  • comment-avatar

    Yang is 20-30 years too soon. He has no chance to win and you are taking a vote away from a great man who has a chance. Yang should be Secretary of Education in Bernie’s cabinet. When Yang gets at least ten percent in the polls, then it might be a good idea. Middle America is not ready for President Yang.

    • comment-avatar

      That kinda of thinking is extremely undemocratic and bias. Why is preference over another candidate ever bad? I can say Bernie is taking a vote from Yang as well so Bernie should just step out. It’s all about what we believe in and everyone don’t have to agreed on everything but everyone should at least be informed.

      With that said, Yang is actually years ahead of others from a solution perspective. He’s not a career politician, which is a very good thing. Nobody ever say “hey! give me a politician right now!” no one. As the Author said, If you research his policies, the guy always attack the root cause of a problem unlike what the other candidate do.

      Also, saying Yang should be the S. of Education shows that you lack the basic understanding of that guy, he’s obviously stronger in the economic side, freedom dividend?

      I was a ex-Bernie supporter but times have changed. I was pissed off that DNC took that chance away from him in 2013, and I have nothing than love and respect for him. However, Yang’s policies will be so much better for people and the economy – there’s a reason why he’s fan based is as loyal as Bernies’

      Example: $15 min wage sounds good before UBI came along. $15 min wage would decrease the number of jobs, destroy small businesses, and increase automation. Like if you force someone to pay $15/hr then like why would that person want to hire more people? Just look at Bernie’s campaign as an example – he had to laid people after being forced to pay $15/hr.

      Anyway I hope you give Andrew Yang a chance because the momentum is on his side. I challenge everyone reading this to listen to his Podcast with Joe Rogan and see what type of man he is.

  • comment-avatar

    I am watching Yang from here in Australia and got to tell you he inspires me.
    He is the only candidate from both sides that sees the issues facing us all in the future, calls them out and provides a solution.

  • comment-avatar
    Emanuel W. September 2, 2019

    Yang is probably the only candidate with common sense policies that are actually reachable. YangGang!!!

    • comment-avatar
      Joseph Preston September 2, 2019

      Disagree. Beto O Rouke not only has better policies but is also more experienced.