Amping Up Attacks Against Whistleblower May Add Impeachment Charges

Amping Up Attacks Against Whistleblower May Add Impeachment Charges


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Janet Ybarra
Former Washington Journalist
Contributor on The Bipartisan Press

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Donald Trump has embarked on a scorched Earth defense against the whistleblower in the intelligence community at the center of the scandal pushing Trump toward impeachment.

However, by employing the bellicose rhetoric and a variety of threats against the unnamed whistleblower, Trump very well may be making his impeachment more–not less–certain.

In recent days, Trump has demanded that the whistleblower to be unmasked, suggested that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) should be arrested for treason and amplified the comment of a supporter who said impeachment could create a “Civil War like fracture” in the United States.

(House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has designated Schiff to lead the burgeoning impeachment inquiry.)

However, Trump’s rhetoric betrays the oath of office he took and, therefore, could simply add to the number of articles of impeachment he may ultimately face, according to Washington Post columnist and noted Trump critic Max Boot.

“I mean not just the obstruction but also the threats that the president is now issuing against the whistleblower, saying that he’s a spy and suggesting that he should get the death penalty, saying that he’s interested in learning the whistleblower’s identity,” Boot said. “I mean remember the president has a duty under the Constitution to take care that the law is being faithfully executed, and one of those laws is the whistleblower protection act, which clearly Trump is not enforcing, in fact just the very opposite. So, you know, these threats of violence, of civil war, of treason, of execution, I think all of that could be added to the articles of impeachment along with the ongoing obstruction of justice and the obstruction of Congress. I think those are also major articles.”

Once again, Trump’s mouth may get him into the most trouble of all.

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