Andrew Yang: A 21st Century Ross Perot?

Andrew Yang: A 21st Century Ross Perot?


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Janet Ybarra
Former Washington Journalist
Contributor on The Bipartisan Press

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Flush with a surprisingly large $16.5 million fundraising haul for the fourth quarter, new horizons are opening up for entrepreneur Andrew Yang as he seeks the Democratic presidential nomination.

Now that he is proving to have staying power, Yang is coming up with something of a comparison to another unlikely presidential candidate from the business world, the late Ross Perot.

To be sure, the comparison isn’t complete: Perot made an independent run while Yang clearly is running as a Democrat. But where Perot had his “pet issues” of the federal deficit and keeping jobs in the United States, Yang clearly has his own.

Yang’s being such issues as universal basic income (UBI) and automation of jobs.

Whether or not Yang attains the nomination, like Perot decades before him, Yang’s fundraising prowess means that he can continue to hang in the primary fight where others have had to fall, and in the process he can continue to educate the American people on his issues and make a difference.

Yang could, theoretically, run all the way to the convention talking about the need for UBI, the impact of automation and more.

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