As AG Holds Back Mueller Report, Dems Claim ‘Cover-up’

As AG Holds Back Mueller Report, Dems Claim ‘Cover-up’


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Janet Ybarra
Former Washington Journalist
Contributor on The Bipartisan Press

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The longer Attorney General William “Bill” Barr holds back the full Mueller Report, the louder Democrats have begun to claim a cover-up.

Special counsel Robert Mueller last month completed his two-year investigation into potential collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign, to tilt the 2016 presidential election to Trump–and any subsequent obstruction of justice.

When he completed his investigation, Mueller turned in a sealed report numbering in the hundreds of pages.

Almost immediately after Mueller submitted his report, Barr released a four-page summary which quotes very little of the Mueller Report itself.

The Barr summary essentially took any criminal onus off of Trump.

Word began to leak that the Mueller team is not happy with the Barr summary. They reportedly created their own unclassified summaries for release to the public, and they were not. Moreover, the report paints a more serious picture for Trump than what Barr has portrayed.

Congressional Democrats are demanding the immediate release of the full Mueller Report.

“Every day that goes by without the American people getting the actual report … is indicative of a cover-up,” said Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.). “The fact of the matter is, all people have gotten out of the 400 pages is something less than 100 words. That’s not acceptable. And as a member of the [Senate] Intelligence Committee, I can read documents. I’d be going through any redactions if something was necessary to protect national security. But it is time for the American people to get the facts and not get less than 100 words.”

The House Judiciary Committee has approved a subpoena for full, unredacted Mueller Report as well as the underlying evidence, Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) noted.

“You have a president who started off by saying, ‘Sure, let’s make it public.’ The House that voted unanimously to make it all public and suddenly there is all this, ‘The four-page letter is good enough.’ What are they trying to hide? If I were the president and thought I was exonerated, I would want everything to be laid out for the public. That’s what he said. Now they are backing off that. They are hiding the ball. What’s going on? That’s why the report has to be made public.”

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