Biden, And Republicans vs. ‘Trumplicans’

Biden, And Republicans vs. ‘Trumplicans’


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Janet Ybarra
Former Washington Journalist
Contributor on The Bipartisan Press

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Republican operative J.W. Verret published an essay with The Washington Post Monday which was as intriguing as it was potentially quite helpful.

Verret’s piece specifically makes a Republican case to support Democrat Joe Biden for president. He specifically asks Republicans to vote for Biden in the states which hold open primaries, and then assuming that the former vice president wins the nomination for them to come out again to vote for Biden in November.

“It isn’t easy to support a Democrat after an attachment to Republican politics that began when I watched the 1992 GOP convention at age 12,” Verret writes.

Well, coming from the other side of the equation, it wasn’t easy to ask for such support, either — at first.

Until I made a crucial distinction.

Verret, himself, indicated some 10 percent of Republican voters believe that Trump should be removed from office.

Those obviously aren’t Trump supporters. But, then, in some important ways Trump supporters have never been true Republicans.

Call them “Trumplicans.”

Democrats can carry on civilized policy discussions–even debates–with the likes of true, thoughtful Republicans like Nicholle Wallace, David Frum, or Steve Schmidt.

What Democrats, be they Joe Biden or anyone else, is why even think that they can pander to the Trumplicans?

You know the Trumplicans. They wear the MAGA clothing. They shout, “Lock her up!” or, alternately, “Send her back!”

These are people like Trump supporter Crystal Minton, who famously said of Trump last year during the prolonged federal government shutdown, “He’s not hurting the people he needs to be hurting.”

The problem is that no US president should be in the business of hurting other Americans, period.

But there is no reasoning with such anger and irrationality.

Biden, or whomever the ultimate nominee should be, shouldn’t even try.

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