Delaware Senator Confident Biden Will Run In 2020

Delaware Senator Confident Biden Will Run In 2020


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Janet Ybarra
Former Washington Journalist
Contributor on The Bipartisan Press

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A senator from Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware is certain that the former vice president will make a run for the White House himself.

There has been much speculation whether Biden will join the race, which has already attracted a dozen or so Democrats all vying for the Democratic nomination.

“He is moving closer, he’s someone who I am confident is going to run, I’m optimistic he’s going to run, everything is being put in place but that last decision, which you know understandably is a big decision,” Democratic Sen. Chris Coons said during a segment of CBS News.

Should Biden run, he will do so on “a simple and positive message,” Coons said.

“Think about it. From my perspective the worst thing about President Trump is that he sees divisions in our country and he cracks them open. He exploits them for his own personal and partisan advantage,” Coons added. “Joe Biden is someone who sees the differences in our country and inspires us. Reminds us of the ways in which we’ve overcome them in the past and will lift us up.

“I personally have witnessed him comforting and encouraging Americans who suffered great loss,” Coons added. “He knows how to get back up when knocked down, and he’s going to restore our place in the world, respect for the presidency, and leadership by the president.”

With his decades in the Senate and eight years as vice president, Biden would be a great contrast to Trump who entered office with no prior military or elected experience, said Coons.

“Having President Trump, someone who never served either in the military or in elected office, as our president has had real and negative consequences,” Coons said. “I was at the Munich Security conference a few weeks ago, it was obvious how much of a command of the world’s stage Joe Biden would have as president from day one.”

Although the field of competitors for the nomination already is large, Biden would enter as the immediate front-runner, at least according to recent polling.

Further, polling already puts Biden competitive to actually beating Trump on Election Day in 2020.

This would be Biden’s third run for the White House. He ran in 1988 and again in 2008, each time falling short of the nomination. Of course, in 2008, nominee Barack Obama chose Biden as his running mate.

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