Former GOP Rep: Trump’s Saying that He’d Accept Info from a Foreign Power Is an ‘Impeachable Moment’

Former GOP Rep: Trump’s Saying that He’d Accept Info from a Foreign Power Is an ‘Impeachable Moment’


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Janet Ybarra
Former Washington Journalist
Contributor on The Bipartisan Press

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When Donald Trump announced from the Oval Office that he would accept political dirt from foreign sources this week, he unambiguously became unquestionably impeachable, according to a former Republican member of Congress from Florida.

Trump ignited a new political firestorm when, during an on-camera interview with ABC News, he said that he would look at political dirt on his opponents from foreign powers, if offered–without necessarily alerting the FBI.

Former Rep. David Jolly (D-Fla.), who has been an outspoken critic of Trump, was unequivocal in how Congress must respond to the president’s statement.

“Yeah, he has conditioned us to accept moments like today, and we almost don’t feel the outrage we should. And, Brian, I think today’s moment, taken in isolation, what the president said behind the Resolute Desk, in and of itself is an impeachable moment,” Jolly said in an on-air appearance with MSNBC host Brian Williams. “This was not the president of the United States being cavalier. This was Donald Trump suggesting he’d be willing to engage in a commission of a crime to benefit his own re-election. That he would entertain collusion, if you will, support from even an adversary for his own benefit, in an adverse interest to our democracy. And the eyes of the nation tonight must look to Nancy Pelosi.

“It is not her fault that this moment has occurred. She did not have a hand in Donald Trump’s behavior, but she occupies the highest constitutional office outside of the White House. This is the moment where we’re begging for leadership,” Jolly added. “I understand Speaker Pelosi is tired of this. She said yesterday she doesn’t even want to speak about Donald Trump. The nation is weary right now of this. We can’t feel the outrage on a daily basis.”

A growing number of Democrats (and one incumbent Republican congressman) are calling for Trump’s impeachment, but Pelosi has strenuously worked to avoid that outcome to this point, calling it divisive to the nation.

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