‘Huge Conspiracy’ that Media Reports Economy Negatively Under Trump

‘Huge Conspiracy’ that Media Reports Economy Negatively Under Trump


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Janet Ybarra
Former Washington Journalist
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With an assist from CNN host Don Lemon, Washington Post columnist Catherine Rampell demolished Republican talking points about the US economy.

The duo did so on-air by confronting GOP commentator and former New York State politician Rob Astorino.

Amid serious worry that Donald Trump’s trade war with China and other factors may be setting up a real economic slowdown, White House spokespeople and many other Republicans are insisting that any economic trouble is manufactured by a news media rooting for Trump’s defeat in next year’s elections.

Here is an excerpt from Rampell and Lemon’s discussion:

RAMPELL: “Consumer confidence is not up.”

ASTORINO: “It’s down from what? From really high to a little bit less?”

RAMPELL: “It’s at its lowest level so far this year.”

ASTORINO: “Ask the average person and they think things are going well.”

RAMPELL: “Well The bond market says different.”

ASTORINO: “The bond market? The average consumer who is going out and spending is thinking things are going pretty well. That’s why the Democrats are attacking the economy, because it’s a strength. It’s a smart political move. You always go after your opponent’s strength.”

RAMPELL: “This is such a huge conspiracy! I’m sorry.”

LEMON: “Are you saying, all these people who do the predictions, all the economists, all of them are Democrats?”

ASTORINO: No, definitely not. But they’re all wrong.”

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