In A Matter of Months, Donald Trump Could Well Be Charged With…Murder

In A Matter of Months, Donald Trump Could Well Be Charged With…Murder


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Janet Ybarra
Former Washington Journalist
Contributor on The Bipartisan Press

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It’s well-worn journalistic territory to say that if Donald Trump loses his bid for reelection in just a few weeks from now, he will be facing a world of very real legal woes once Joe Biden’s sworn in as the nation’s 46th president and Trump defaults to former president of the United States and he becomes completely indictable for the first time since he stepped into the Oval Office.

It’s pretty clear that Trump will have to face the consequences from investigations from the state of New York and district attorney in Manhattan–in addition to whatever federal charges Biden’s incoming attorney general may want to throw at him.

And Trump may really want to hire himself his own legal dream team because in addition to obstruction, tax fraud and whatever else prosecutors decide to throw at him, it’s not beyond the possible that he may find his name next to a murder charge.

Yes, you read that right.

And, no, it’s not an exaggeration in the slightest.

Activist Steve Organek wants Trump charged for all of the deaths in the United States from COVID-19 which had been avoidable.

He’s figured it all out.

Organek’s identified an apparently relevant statute with which to charge Trump: Depraved Indifference Murder, or NY Penal Law § 125.25:

“DEPRAVED INDIFFERENCE TO HUMAN LIFE refers to a person’s state of mind in recklessly engaging in conduct which creates a grave risk of death. A … person has an utter disregard for the value of human life – a willingness to act, not because he or she means to cause grievous harm, but because he or she simply does not care whether or not grievous harm will result. … a person who is depravedly indifferent is not just willing to take a grossly unreasonable risk to human life – – that person does not care how the risk turns out. Depraved indifference to human life reflects a wicked, evil or inhuman state of mind, as manifested by brutal, heinous and despicable acts. It is evinced by conduct that is wanton, deficient in a moral sense of concern, devoid of regard for the life or lives of others,”

It’s easy to lay blame at Trump’s feet, as Organek notes, just by the fact that Trump admitted to journalist Bob Woodward that he intentionally lied about the coronavirus pandemic.

Organek also has figured out, numerically, the nation’s avoidable COVID deaths. (And when you consider that the United States comprises just 4 percent of the world population but has upwards of 25 percent of its COVID-19 cases, it’s nearly impossible to argue that there haven’t been avoidable deaths, particularly when our peers on the international stage don’t come close to our numbers.)

Organek calls that the Trump Murder Index, and he puts all that together–with a petition on, calling on state attorneys general to begin investigating Trump under the aforementioned or related statutes–on a website that you can check out for yourself.

By the way, at press time–according to Organek’s calculations comparing US deaths to an average of the top five countries–right now there have been 209,716 avoidable deaths.

That’s just beyond unacceptable.

Organek is right: It’s criminal.

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    Trump lied about a lot of things, like tax fraud, COVID-19, his height, and obstruction. He definitely deserves to be convicted because he could have prevented deaths across the U.S.