In The Shifting Defense of Senate Republicans, We See Trump’s Guilt, Senators’ Lack of Patriotism

In The Shifting Defense of Senate Republicans, We See Trump’s Guilt, Senators’ Lack of Patriotism


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Janet Ybarra
Former Washington Journalist
Contributor on The Bipartisan Press

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Most rational people, when presented with a crime, told of a suspect and finally shown incontrovertible evidence said suspect committed the crime, they logically conclude that the suspect is guilty and proceed accordingly.

However, when the suspect is Donald Trump and the people hearing the same airtight evidence is a group of Republican senators, rather than do the right thing and arrive at Trump’s guilt, they scamper about in dense legalese and choose instead to try to climb inside Trump’s head (a daring feat in itself) in an a deliberate attempt at obfuscation.

But the truth is that these senators–who very likely will serve as the jury to decide Trump’s fate in office, in relatively short order–have truly had to accept what intellectually honest Americans largely already have. That is that, on a phone call to the leader of Ukraine, Donald Trump tried to strike a baldly illegal deal for release of military aid in exchange for dirt on Trump’s primary US political rival, Democrat Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

The truth is that if Trump were not guilty of this crime, the Senate Republicans–if they chose to abdicate their roles as potentially impartial post-impeachment jurists–and continue on as full-throated Trump apologists, they could and should kept a consistent and unwavering defense. That these senators, including Sen. Ted Cruz, feel compelled to shift the excuses and make up new stories in Trump’s defense simply is proof of his culpability.

Lastly is what the senators’ slipperiness says about themselves. They are willing to stare at high crimes and misdemeanors and simply let their constitutional oaths slip their minds in the name of political expediency.

Unless this group of Republicans changes course quickly, it will make its mark in history as moral cowards and plainly lacking in any form of patriotism.

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    John Cole November 2, 2019

    This article assumed a crime has been committed. There never was a crime. President Trump has not done anything impeachable, and is not worthy of an impeachment inquiry. This is just a dirty partisan political witch hunt done by the Democrats