Is Bernie Too Radical For Voters?

Is Bernie Too Radical For Voters?

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A M Reid
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Although Bernie Sanders in the battle to be the Democratic nominee still currently has the most delegates, at the recent South Carolina Primary, Joe Biden shockingly gained 48% of votes while Sanders only received 19%. Sanders, once seen as the most likely to win, must now enter Super Tuesday uncertain if he will win a majority over Biden.

On March 2nd, Stuart Varney, a conservative political commentator, discussed his thoughts regarding Sanders on Fox and Friends, with hosts Brian Kilmeade, Steve Doocy and Ainsley Earhardt. 

Speaking to the hosts, Varney criticized Sanders, arguing that the country is not prepared for the drastic changes he wants to implement, and his policies are too far left for the majority of voters. “[Sanders] doesn’t want incremental change, he wants a revolution in our society. Stop it being capitalist, which it always has been for 200 odd years, and make it into a socialist society.” Varney remarked, “I mean, that’s a revolution.” 

This comment comes after Sanders recent controversy where, in an interview with Andrew Cooper on 60 Minutes, he commended programs set up by the Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro, who led a brutal communist regime in the Republic of Cuba.  

Varney also emphasised that if Sanders was elected, his policies such as banning fracking would push businesses away and lead to an economic crash. “If he wins, the House, the Senate and the presidency, that economy crashes and the market crashes.” Varney explained, warning that “A Bernie presidency and a Democrat controlled Senate and house would be a disaster for America.” His view is similarly shared by billionaire Leon Cooperman, who suggested if Sanders becomes president the stock market would drastically tank. 

However, even if Sanders does become the nomination for the Democratic party, Varney noted that his ties to socialism could deter voters and lead them to support Trump instead. Both Varney and Kilmeade drew parallels to the 2019 UK election, where Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour party, suffered the worst defeat since 1935, losing 59 seats against Boris Johnson, leader of the Conservative party. This loss was a result of usual Labour voters voting for Johnson instead, citing Corbyn as too far left and therefore impossible to support. 

“[Corbyn] was so extreme, Boris Johnson not only got majority in the parliament, he became the prime minister because his opponent was so out there.” Kilmeade said. 

“Jeremy Corbyn was crushingly defeated, virtually ended the Labour party for at least the next five or six years.” Varney added, “I hope and pray that the same thing happens here if Bernie Sanders is the candidate.” Varney further pointed out that this could potentially occur, with 20% of people at Donald Trump’s rallies being Democrats.

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    Teddy Knight March 3, 2020

    Bernie is being attacked by the same types of people who attacked Franklin Delano Roosevelt. People who think that their money and privileges are more important than the lives and well-being of others. FDR was called a socialist, a Communist sympathizer, mocked as “Rosenfeld” to imply he was Jewish, and was called a lover of ————- (insert racial slur of your choice). The American people loved him. He was elected four times to be President. Despite persistent Republican efforts, many of his socialist programs, such as Social Security , unemployment insurance, interstate highways, dams on rivers to curb flooding and produce electricity, are still part of our lives. People who want to judge everything and everyone by how much money they can make from it hate Bernie because he has the potential to do almost as much good as FDR.