It Will Be His First Big Mistake if the Democratic Nominee Lets Warren Get Away

It Will Be His First Big Mistake if the Democratic Nominee Lets Warren Get Away


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Janet Ybarra
Former Washington Journalist
Contributor on The Bipartisan Press

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It may not have been unexpected, but Elizabeth Warren’s withdrawal Thursday from contention as a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination still stings.

Whether or not you ever counted yourself among Warren’s supporters, it still should be acknowledged that of the many (and we do mean many) Democrats who sought the nomination this election cycle, Warren set herself apart by the earnest effort that she put into her campaign.

You might not have agreed with each and every one, but there was no denying that Warren put thought into crafting a plan for seemingly every problem facing the nation.

This is not to say Warren was flawless. In particular, she picked a needless fight with Bernie Sanders over he ever claimed that a woman couldn’t be elected president. The whole kerfuffle seemed more “political egos as usual” rather than anything of real importance that matters to average Americans.

Now that Warren is out, the nomination comes down to a head-to-head fight between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.

Regardless of which hopeful emerges victorious with the nomination in hand, he would be committing political malpractice if he doesn’t find a prominent place for Warren in his new administration.

If not the VP slot, Warren would have to be given serious consideration for treasury secretary or chief economic adviser to the president.

Also, it was Warren who essentially designed the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) from the ground floor in order to protect Americans from predatory financial industry practices, during the Obama administration.

It should come to no one’s surprise that Donald Trump has been swinging a political ax at the CFPB since nearly the day he walked into the Oval Office.

So the next Democratic president could also do Warren a little solid on the side and put the CFPB back together again.

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    I’d love to see Warren hold the banks and corporations feet to the fire and get some real teeth in the CFRB. But I also think It might be easier to do that from a senate office than a cabinet position.